Monday, July 3, 2017

The Bern is getting Burned

"Bernie Sanders and His Wife Lawyer Up

According to some polls, Vermont's junior Senator Bernie Sanders may currently be the most popular Democrat in America. This is despite his catastrophic loss to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary of 2016 and the fact that in his 10-year Senate career, Sanders has only authored three pieces of passed legislation, one of which was the renaming of a post office.

In fact, when one looks at Sanders' Senate career, one would be hard-pressed to describe the independent candidate-turned-Democrat-turned-independent once again as anything but a crank, a complainer and a blowhard for his long, haranguing speeches and Socialist diatribes.

Although Bernie has attacked rich property owners for owning multiple homes, the Sanders’ own three homes themselves — two condominiums and a house, setting their net worth at close to $2 million. Their family finances are mostly in Sanders' wife's name, and it's been revealed that their stock portfolio is investments in companies that are anything but socially responsible, including Wells Fargo, one of the major banks that funded the North Dakota Access Pipeline and referred to its subprime credit division as "ghetto loans" in internal company documents.

Now, the media has begun to dig in a little bit more into Sanders' personal and professional life outside the Senate, and the results aren't pretty. Specifically, in June, both Sanders and his wife Jane retained lawyers over allegations that Jane falsified information on bank loan documents at her previous employer, Burlington College, to attempt to buy property that ultimately bankrupted the school."

The League of Power

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This country is so fucked up. Give me all this free stuff. Socialism. Cripes.