Friday, July 7, 2017

Linda Sarsour, Jihadist Extraordinaire

"Sarsour has become a rising star in the American Islamist movement. Not only did she help organize the Women’s March, she also spoke at the joint convention of the Islamic Circle of America and Muslim American Association in April. Like ISNA, both ICNA and MAS have ties to the International Muslim Brotherhood, which is the leader of the global Islamic revivalist movement."

To know that we had several people who live in Lake Worth who were in Washington, D.C. in a march organized by someone who does not love America and wants its destruction, is astonishing.

Read about this extremist... who hates America and all our freedoms even though she is free to condemn Her. These people who come here and refuse to assimilate and love our country, should be denied entry.


Anonymous said...

Why is she still in this country?

Anonymous said...

She should be deported along with Madonna and Cathy Griffith. Astonishing that liberals allow an ideaology that subjugates women to USE a woman to infiltrate. Shocking that this deviousness isn't seen and rejected. They are using liberals in the most dangerous way.