Saturday, July 15, 2017

Leftest Women March against the NRA

Read about it...

Looks like Linda Sarsour in the photo, a Palestinian American Activist who was a Bernie Sanders supporter--the woman who talks about jihad and the Koran and Sharia law...Sharia that insists women are 2nd class citizens. Wow, are leftest women confused. Some of her family members have been arrested for supporting Hamas, a Palestinian militant group that has waged war against the Jewish State of Israel.


Anonymous said...

This woman is a domestic terrorist along with all her pussy hat friends.

ed said...

Another angry socialist jihadist, shaking her fingers in the face of any camera she can come across.

Even democrats must realize the can of worms she is offering them as part of her "vision".


REPEAL OBAMACARE to start our country in a direction away from miscreants like her.

Anonymous said...

one way to stop these ridiculous marches is to charge them for police and clean up.after all we have to when there is a festival