Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day Parade Lake Worth

Nothing better than a hometown parade with locals participating for whom you know.  It looked like Ozzie and Susan Ona were leading the parade on their bicycles but they drove by too fast for a photo shot. Only a few things missing--not enough people, if any, waving American flags (there were even flags from Cuba, Trinadad and Finland and a few other strange flags in the parade that I did not recognize) and NO patriotic music for the birth of our nation 241 years ago.

The City's float passed by so quickly that it took me a few seconds to realize that four of our commissioners were on the float. They were in disguise. Compass gave out popsicles to kids, even to this one. I passed it on to a little kid in the parade. There were some exceptional floats and I apologize for missing some. Sarah Malega, candidate for District 1 commissioner, and her friends were enthusiastically giving out beads and buttons.


Greg Rice said...

Lynn, yes it was a great day in Lake Worth Tuesday! The Independence Day celebration started on Monday evening at the downtown cultural plaza with the Mayor Apple Pie Baking contest and then eating of all the pies by all that wanted to taste really good homemade apple pie.

What you might have confused for parade floats were the rafts that were entered into what is becoming a signature part of our city's July 4th celebration, our raft race. There was no music because this event is an ad hoc, non political, neighborhood association organized activity to bring people from across the city together for fun and community pride. Since school is out and there would be no way to get a band to march with us, there's nothing saying you can't organize a group of some of your neighbors and friends next year and march down Lake Ave. and perhaps play patriotic music on kazoos for the growing crowds of onlookers along Lake Ave. Make it happen Lynn. It would be a great addition to our small town's display of community pride.

Lynn Anderson said...

Yeah, great idea, Greg. Maybe someone can come up with some patriotic music on a portable CD player along with waving some flags and get people in the spirt for America's birthday.. Who won the raft race?