Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In the Cloud but still not transparent

The Lake Worth city budget meeting tonight, 6pm City Hall, will have a presentation by OpenGov. To learn about them, Click here...  OpenGov is a Silicon Valley technology company that offers cloud-based software for public sector budgeting, reporting, and open data, powering more effective and accountable governments. {Wikipedia]

So, the city wants to be more transparent and literally have this information up in the Cloud, but there is NO back-up for the public on all the items being discussed tonight:  General Fund, Storm Water fund, Solid Waste Fund, Regional Sewer Fund, Local Sewer Fund.

There will be a recap on the Beach Fund, Electric fun and Water Fund.  There will be a CIP review as well as announcing the Budget meeting dates going forward.

Presentation by OpenGov
OpenGov Transparency delivers more efficient, transparent governance by creating interactive visualization with our financial data.

The City’s Financial Services Department in conjunction with the Departments has been working with OpenGov staff to prepare for the deployment of the OpenGov Transparency Annual Reporting Portal. These OpenGov Annual Reports are built using the City’s audited financial numbers for FY2016 and FY2017 in our General Ledger using our Chart of Accounts.

OpenGov has assisted the City in transforming our existing financial data into an intuitive, interactive visual presentation that matches our general ledger data to our chart of accounts. The Portal will enable users to generate their own graphs, charts, and other visual configurations of the City’s data. Public traffic will be able to review financial data by object or project level, filter by fund, department or object code.

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