Friday, July 14, 2017

Former Lake Worth Utility director fired in Ft. Pierce

Former Lake Worth Utility Director, Clay Lindstrom, was just fired by the Ft. Pierce Utility Board on a 3/2 vote. He was not given an opportunity to even respond or give a statement.

If you recall, Clay left Lake Worth about 2-1/2 years ago to take the directorship at Ft. Pierce Utilities. In May, according to the FMEA rate study, Ft. Pierce electric customers were paying $116.84 for 1,000 KWH, about $2 higher than Lake Worth.

Clay says he did nothing wrong. It seems that it was discovered that some businesses were not charged a connection fee and there were deposit discrepancies.

Read about it... at WPTV and see the video.


Anonymous said...

Is it true that Andy Amarosa doesn't have a business license?

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the status of his business license,but anybody in a wheelchair trying to get into or out of his "shop" could bust him on ADA violations. It's hard for non handicapped people to even turn around in that place

Anonymous said...

Funny how we once had Clay as a director and Mr. Beckel as the Manager, both men had over 80 years experience combined in the utility business and LW could not make it work out with them just like the previous director and now another new one. I would guess Clay will succeed somewhere else where he will be much appreciated just like Mr. Beckel did. We lose all the time here in LWU