Saturday, July 8, 2017

Do you know any stupid people?

"Do you know any stupid people?

You know -- stupid people like the tens of thousands of anti-capitalists turning the streets of Hamburg, Germany, into "hell" while protesting the G20 summit.

Or any of the hundreds of thousands of snowflakes on American campuses [or in Lake Worth for that matter]."

If so, click below for the possible cure...(great article and a learning curve for, well, stupid people.)

14 lessons for stupid people


Vito said...

It's beyond time for police to shoot some of these stupid people when they start fires and break windows. Teach them a lesson that we are tired of their destruction and their lack of respect for the work of those whose property they destroy.

Anonymous said...

Add to this list of fools mayor deblasio of nyc who is giving leftist speech in Germany instead of mourning with NYC police over the assassination of one of their own by a lowlife thug. How did he get elected? The voters must have been dangerously biased.

Anonymous said...

The shooting (extermination) of any ANTIFA FUC$ covering their face should be written into law.Heck, go ahead and put bounty's on their asses like we do the invasive python species that are destroying the Everglades.Then any American citizen can make a little money on the side and clean up our streets at the same time.