Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A New Low for Democrats

"The Democrat party will stoop to any level to hinder, harm, or obstruct President Donald Trump. Here you now have a group of 25 Democrats introducing a bill over the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. They want to use this to create a group to wield oversight of the President and declare him incompetent. This is NOT about incompetence, it is all about political viewpoint. It is an outright coup attempt.

This blatant, partisan attack speaks more to the despair of a broken Democratic party than it does to the sanity of a very productive president of the United States".

Read the article... A New low for Democrats, written by By Dr. Gina Loudon.


Anonymous said...

Can we throw out these Democrats for attempted treason?

John said...

Jamie Raskin looks to be deranged himself. How did this rag picker get elected?