Friday, May 5, 2017

He who laughs last...Picking up the Tab

We can't support the entire world.  Most liberals think that we should and invite them all into our country to boot. When it comes to defense, liberals balk and say "forget about it." Finding money to support illegals and refugees who might cause us harm is a better cause. We have always supported  South Korea in their it time for them to stop relying on U.S. generosity?

The economy of South Korea is the fourth largest economy in Asia and the 11th largest in the world but they refuse to pay one nickle for the missile defense that the United States is providing.Why do they refuse particularly when the nut case in North Korea wants to destroy them? They have been getting free protection for over 6 decades from the U.S. since the Korean War.

The war ended in 1953...See Stats. South Korea is a Constitutional Republic; North Korea is a one party state under a totalitarian dictatorship with a nut case at the helm.

With a population edge of two-to-one over North Korea and an economic advantage upward of 40-to-one, South Korean officials occasionally resent America’s dominant role. Nevertheless, the South, like Japan and Europe, likes having a superpower pick up a big chunk of its defense tab. They resent us being in their hemisphere but ask us to stay.  It's time they support the effort. [Japan Times]

Read about South Korea... laughing at Trump's request to pay for the missile defense..

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