Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fox News hires new Commentator

Comment Up

Fox News has been annoying me lately.  There are way too many liberal "contributors" (Fox News' way to show to the world that they are fair and balanced) and too much discussion on what drives the Democrats crazy--Trump's gaffes or twisting everything he says into some sort of national scandal.  It has become stupid, the Khan incident being the most stupid of all. Yesterday I wrote to them.

And in a move yesterday, they have hired Taya Kyle, the widow of Navy Seal hero and decorated sniper Chris Kyle. She will now be a contributing member of Fox News. As she believes that military leaders should be allowed to speak at national conventions, I have reservations in her hire and where she stands.  The military should be apolitical and not voice an opinion in a national arena. They answer to their Commander in Chief, the President of the United States. How do they go against his will?

Retired military speaking at national conventions is acceptable as long as they are not being paid. Two of the few former military leaders for whom I 100% trust is Allen West and Ralph Peters.

Now if they could only get rid of Alan Colmes, Geraldo, Kirstin Powers and a few silly commenters, I might tune them in like I used to because I don't want to turn on Fox and think I turned on MSNBC by accident.

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Anonymous said...

You wanna know what pisses me off? I thought you might, so I'm gonna tell you..... Why doesn't FOX have town hall meetings for the Libertarian candidates since they actually have talk shows by Libertarians? Kennedy and Stossel are both Libertarians. CNN totally burned FOX on this by giving Johnson/Web a forum and I think it helps define FOX as a shill for the Republican party.

Lynn Anderson said...

LOL. You failed to mention all the other cable networks out there. Did they have a forum for Gary Johnson?
First of all, giving time to a candidate with little chance to win costs money. Would Libertarian sponsors pay for that time in advertising?

Thank God for Fox. CNN has always been a shill for liberals so why not libertarians who smoke dope? :)

Anonymous said...

Yes thank god for fux news. The lie spewing sexual harassment capital of america. The channel of choice for uneducated folk. Thank god.