Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Back to School Supply Drive

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Pro Wrestling Juggernaut, Enigma Pro Wrestling, to produce their fourth annual

"Back To School Supply Drive"
Sunday, August 7th from 1-3pm
the American Polish Club in Greenacres, Fl

Palm Beach County students can receive free school supplies courtesy of Enigma Pro Wrestling and community partners to help prepare them for the upcoming school year.

This annual effort by Enigma, prepares students for learning by assisting them in procuring the necessary essentials to start the school year with confidence and readiness. Essentials for K-12 will be distributed by grade level to ensure maximum distribution utilizing official county school supplies list as reference.

Over the past three years, such community partners as Bank United, Clear Fruit, Office Depot, Staples, Office Max, State Farm, Pepsi and Coca Cola have lent support to ensure that these events are meaningful and well stocked.

"This annual event is Enigma's way of giving back," says Executive Producer, Darrian Dority. "Each month our sponsors and the community support our Pro Wrestling events and we realize how invaluable that support is. Therefore we make continuous efforts to give back to truly show appreciation to the fans for adopting Enigma as Florida's very own Pro Wrestling company."

Students who desire to receive the free supplies are encouraged to arrive early with parents or legal guardians who posse a valid identification card, drivers license or equivalent with a Palm Beach County address. Parents can receive supplies for up to three children and they must be present. Supplies will be donated on a first come first served basis, while they last.

Individuals and organizations seeking to donate time, monetary support or supplies can register on the Enigma Pro Wrestling website or by calling 561-502-4408.

Past partners / supporters have had the peace of mind knowing that 100% of their contributions went directly to the cause as there are zero commission or hold backs.

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Anonymous said...

Free school supplies is a wonderful thing. Thanks to the group sponsoring this.

Anonymous said...

Stupid me. I worked to buy my kids school supplies. Just go stick your hands out for all the free $hit.It's easier .

Lynn Anderson said...

Unfortunately, under Obama (Hillary will be just as much of a disaster), there are more people who are poor today in this country than every before. We are not enforcing our laws and Obama is allowing all the poor to immigrate here. Hillary wants to give them all amnesty and the free ride. They collect government $$$ and the taxpayer picks up the tab. The county encourages paving over every square inch that a developer wants and waves impact fees that we the taxpayer has to endure. Lake Worth is doing the same with the Park of Commerce and just business in general. They want the tax dollar from them but are spending more to get it. We are attracting more and more people and the majority can't even speak English. It is ridiculous. Our commission blames it on a former commission rather than confront the facts. They always play the blame game and we continue to go backwards. Darrian is trying to help. We shouldn't have so many poor.

Blogger said...

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