Sunday, November 13, 2016

Here's the Deal--Progressive/Socialists got Bushwacked

Y’all truly got bushwhacked — so admit it, your philosophical and ideological belief system sucks. We like individual freedom, not collective subjugation. We don't like Islamic terrorists beheading us, killing us, forcing us to our knees at gunpoint.

Here’s the deal for this very special kind of stupid: folks do not want these radical progressive socialists. They’re tired of the name-calling and folks who supported Donald Trump are not racists, sexists, suffering from multiple phobias, nor deplorables or irredeemables.

So, what is the Democrat answer to the repudiation of progressive socialism — more progressive socialism? Rep. Keith Ellison? I know the guy, he ain’t that smart, furthermore, he has ties to the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is nothing more than Hamas in America. It’s Keith Ellison who represents the area that’s a breeding ground for Islamic jihadists emanating from the Somali refugee community — oops, now I will be called an Islamophobe.

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Anonymous said...

You do realize that in terms of people's actual opinions in this election ( the popular vote)...her stances won, right?

Not arguing Trump won the Electoral College and the election, obviously.

But if you want to claim the results of the election are a referendum on policy or do realize for that, the actual popular vote by the people is a true indicator. Not the Electoral College.

Bit of post-election victory blind gloating going on here. Bit of a stretch...

Lynn Anderson said...

Thank God for our Constitution and the electoral college. ALT-Left states such as California and New York would otherwise control the election.
Just take a look at the map. No stretch. Stop whining.

Anonymous said...

You could say that 8:14, and you can console yourself with that bit of information, but for those of us who were suffering under the yoke of your imperious rule, it seems like somebody finally turned the light on, and we can see a brighter future ahead. Pray God that we will not be mislead.