Monday, August 1, 2016

Vote Marco Rubio - Keeping America Safe

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Three dangerous liberals who support the Iran deal.
Three dangerous liberals who would close GITMO.
Three dangerous liberals who would weaken America.
Three dangerous liberals who Marco will fight.


Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio is campaigning for a man he called "dangerous" and unfit to be President.

How does that keep America safe?

Lynn Anderson said...

Why can't Democrats EVER TELL THE TRUTH?
Rubio is not campaigning for Trump. He is campaigning to win re-election in Florida for U.S. Senator.

Anonymous said...

"We have to make sure that Donald wins this election." - Marco Rubio, Saturday.

And this isn't even the evil mainstream media.

You really need to read something more than Alex Jones. LOL.

Lynn Anderson said...

He made a statement. this is Far FROM campaigning. As I said, Dems exaggerate beyond belief.
You really need to change your candidate and forget about CROOKED HILLARY. LOL, yourself.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was all in for Rubio before he decided to vote for Trump. I can't support the guy now that he is backing Trump for obvious reasons. I live and breathe conservatism and what Trump is and what his backers represent is destroying the party I knew. Trump is only the voice for the millions who say they are conservative but know nothing about what a true conservative is.

There are plenty of Republicans who still love their country enough to reject a danger to it. It's not about defeating Democrats or Hillary's about saving my country from the ignorant people who have hijacked my party. We may lose this election but we need to save the party and get rid of the ignoramuses.

Lynn Anderson said...

Who is this? Jeb bush's mother? Glad you left the Republican party. So long. Way too many ignoramuses who want to destroy our country in the Democratic Party. The "danger" is Democrats and Crooked Hillary Clinton. I feel the same way about the Democratic Party destroyed by socialists and Obama.
You are no conservative.