Friday, August 5, 2016

Two more shooting deaths in Lake Worth

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I have now lost count.

Read about it...

P.S. Palm Beach Post, please update your data base on the number of shootings in Lake Worth. You had reported it was 4 last week and the count is probably a dozen by now.


Anonymous said...

Lake Worth pays PBSO over one million dollars PER MONTH. This is a known high crime area. Where in the hell are the cops? The people of that neighborhood are getting no protection. Dis Shelley Vana warn them about another "demonstration" to protect her from? It is time to fire the PBSO.

Lynn Anderson said...

In today's paper, the Post again says there has been 4 homicides in Lake Worth for year 2016.

Perhaps that is so as we don't know the final outcome of all the others who have been shot in this city. I have counted 14-15 shootings this year(Don't think I reported on the one at the Kwik Stop on 6th avenue South making it at least 15) The PB Post should be stating that fact which tells a story of the violence in our neighborhoods regardless of the outcome of death.

Anonymous said...

Well the Sheriff is running again for his position. Someone should go to one of his rallies and ask him to explain why Lake Worth is paying so much and the crime rate is worse then is was, or go to one of his opponents rallies and ask him why Lake Worth is paying so much more then some of the other Cities of the same size. It should become one of campaign problems. His ads are all over Facebook. Start writing comments.
Crime in Lake Worth has doubled since the Sheriff took over. I never see a car coming down my street and I am close to downtown,

Greg Rice said...

We could have a sheriff on every block and you're not going to be able to prevent that kind of crime. Domestic violence is almost impossible to prevent. But that doesn't stop some from police bashing. They've already arrested the shooter. Good job PBSO.