Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hillary, the Queen of Corruption

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Bill said...

And deception is her middle name.

Yesterday she held a phony press conference, complete with audience applause to glorify her and take the attention off her lies and her lies about lying.

Queen of Corruption is a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

Lynn,Hillary is not a Queen-She is a ROBOT! She has admitted it! She admitted "short circuiting" when talking about her lies to the FBI ! Now the only question is who is controlling the Hill-O-Bot? My vote is the Illuminati! Also,if you're going to make a robot,why not give it some human characteristics??

Anonymous said...

Funny, yes she is, but so is Trump and most other politicians, most elected are dishonest and corrupt. Clemens is another nasty piece of work, I don't trust any of them, not Trump, not queen Hillary, most politicians and Illuminati are corrupt.