Monday, August 1, 2016

Citizen writes Scott Maxwell against Atlanta Braves at John Prince Park - he gets NO answer

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From: David Simms
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2016 6:38 PM
Subject: On the Braves Proposed Stadium in John Prince Park

Commissioner Maxwell:

I am a Lake Worth resident who is concerned about the Atlanta Braves' stadium deal. First a public park is the wrong place to build a baseball stadium. This park is green space set aside for people to visit in their leisure time to get away from the congestion of urban Palm Beach County and partake in recreation. The County is rapidly losing its little-remaining green space and desperately needs John Prince Park.

Also this green space is part of the small amount of wildlife habitat remaining in the County for birds and other species. Without that habitat, many species could parish. Finally, this deal gives the Braves this land at no (or at most) little cost to them. They should not receive such a valuable asset for free, especially considering that they have received free land in previous stadium deals only to leave that area in pursuit of another stadium elsewhere.


David Simms


Anonymous said...

sure hope no one is surprised he didn't get an answer. Maxwell wouldn't know how to reply to someone who is against him so ignoring the e-mails is the easy way out. I didn't vote for this guy but low information voters did.

Lynn Anderson said...

The Vice Mayor clearly has different priorities than he had years ago. And that is too bad. I agreed with him on a lot of things back then. He was even pleasant. I remember complimenting him that he could take the heat from adversaries and remain cordial unlike a few others on the Dais. That all changed. One angry man. Maybe it's the people he hangs with?

Anonymous said...

agreed 15 years ago Maxwell work for the who knows he doesn't answer my emails either.sends his secretary.guess he is trying to tell us he is better than we the people