Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Voter Fraud

"Voter fraud? No such thing, right? Ten Democrat counties in California had more registered voters than there were adults in the county." Everyone knows Hillary won the popular vote because of two states one of which is California and a state that refuses to give its voter records to the federal elections integrity commission.

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Anonymous said...

My spouse was telling me about a case that was in the news on Univision TV where a lady who was a legal resident who lied here for like 15 years and decided to register to vote and voted in the recent presidential election and then it was discovered that she was not even eligible to vote, I guess she knew this, but did it anyway to vote for Clinton, now she has lost her residency and was deported. I think you may be right Lynn, there is a lot of fraud in some many areas here now in the country. I am glad she was deported. She should no better, I hope her example will teach others not to risk their residency this way by being so stupid to do this. I am sure Clinton was happy about it, but it must stop!