Thursday, August 10, 2017

Unhinged Liberal Shoots Neighbor to Death

"As has become very clear over the past two years, liberals are not the tolerant, understanding, loving creatures they claim to be. They are the most intolerant people among us and can become unhinged, rabid, even violent at a moment’s notice for a simple disagreement."

Read about it... and another enraged liberal who shot his conservative neighbor to death..


Anonymous said...

Loser is going to prison where he'll be disabused of his liberal ideals and Trump is still president.

Anonymous said...

"But the disputes along the block were not political, but personal. Neighbors say they were fueled apparently by some unknown anger inside Carter’s head."

1. The article says the disputes were not political.
2. The article does not mention the victim's political affiliation.
3. The article claims that the victim had threatened the shooter with a knife.

The article was cut and pasted by Powered Wig with zero attribution.

Alexandre Bissonnette and Jeremy Joseph Christian were unavailable for comment.

Lynn Anderson said...

Obviously they were political.
And I have to say, you continue to come over here and defend the criminal if it is a far-left crazy. Alexandre Bissonnette is not involved in this blog...only in your head. I have to worry about you.

Anonymous said...

I don't defend any criminal.

I point out the absurdity of you selecting to post "news" that fits your narrative, misrepresenting the facts, misleading your readers and blatantly ignoring everything else.

And, yeah, I know this is a "conservative blog" and, as you've explained, that gives you license to ignore the facts. But I'm not buying it.

Lynn Anderson said...

Go do someone's tax return or something constructive, ok?

Anonymous said...

This was definitely about a lunatic liberal.No liberals can have a conversation.

Anonymous said...

Shot..."No liberals can have a conversation."

And chaser: "Go do someone's tax return or something constructive, ok?"


Anonymous said...

Agree with the article in light of this liberal nut keeping anti government posters in his front yard way after the election.