Sunday, August 13, 2017

Right-wing Street Artist Roasts Google

Right-wing street artist “Sabo” made headlines on Friday after he posted street art near Google’s Los Angeles offices eviscerating the technology company for recently firing an engineer who held opinions contrary to the biases of the company.

It's about time that the Right stops being doormats to liberal bias. No protesting, just the power and stroke of the brush.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly. Where are the younger generation ? They not only condone,but actually agree with this kind of censorship. Look at what you tube is doing.The "everybody gets a trophy" generation were never taught to have a discussion."No ,no little Johnny,don't cry! You're right and Mommy is wrong. Mommy is sorry. Poor baby". Instead of exploring differing points of view they shut down points of view other than their own.Old Hippies everywhere-shake some sense into this fascist generation !