Friday, August 4, 2017

Florida's Job Growth Outpacing the Nation's

“I am proud that Florida continues to lead the nation’s largest states in job growth, which is sending a message across the country that our state is the best place for businesses to grow and for families to find great jobs. Florida’s job growth has also outpaced the nation’s for nearly five and a half years, and we are leading the country in a variety of industries, proving that our efforts to diversify the economy are helping to create new opportunities every day.

With the newly established $85 million Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, we will continue to attract job creators to invest in Florida and ensure we remain a leader in job creation for generations to come.”

~ Gov. Rick Scott

Kiplinger correctly predicted California, Florida and North Carolina would be among the 15 fastest-growing and among the five with the biggest employment gains.

Florida Job Growth Keeps on Rising


Anonymous said...

We're leading in population growth so that makes sense

Lynn Anderson said...

How so?
Does it mean that all of a sudden more companies move here and hire people because we are experiencing population growth? Much of this growth has been from retirees.
Businesses are moving here because of the governor's policies and low taxes.

Anonymous said...

Population growth means additional goods and services which requires additional man-power. While we may have more jobs, the pay rate remains among the lowest in the country. Even with no state income tax, the cost of living index for Florida is higher than the low wages can support.

Lynn Anderson said...

Population growth can also be attributed to the immigration situation and a lot of unskilled workers.
Food costs--not too bad
Electricity--LW ok
Sales tax--7%, lower than some states
South Florida's coast of living is higher than in other parts of the state.
Median household income for Florida was $49,426 in 2015--higher now and the minimum wage has gone up.