Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bon Voyage to Margaret

Last night, a few of Margaret Menge's friends gathered to wish her good-bye. She and her son Clayton are re-locating to Indiana.

Naturally, a lot of our discussion was on Lake Worth. Dennis Dorsey, former mayor of Lake Worth, is a living Lake Worth history book. Chad Drake was there and it was mentioned that his grandfather was the 2nd mayor of Lake Worth. We talked about the old Lake Worth and how great it was back then with middle class families and tourists and retirees bringing their money to help Lake Worth prosper. Lake Worth was a small town then and literally you knew everyone you passed on the street. There was no such thing as slum and blight and you never heard of crime. You didn't even have to lock your doors.


Anonymous said...

Miss that newspaper

Anonymous said...

Too bad Lake Worth is a dump brought about by third world illegals. The Historic board is a joke trying to have standards when the entire city is falling down. We can't attract any people with money.