Monday, January 6, 2014

Submerged Land in Lake Worth - Proposed Nature Preserve

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The City of Lake Worth owns 13 acres of submerged land in the Intracoastal Waterway that has been referred to as the Steinhardt property although the Steinhardts never owned it.  They leased it from the City in 1967 and were given a 99 year lease in order to develop it.  Steinhardt wanted to build five, 10 story condos on three man-made islands. The city even applied for the permits on his behalf in order to push it along. And although the developer crowd still exists in Lake Worth today, this is one project that didn't get off the ground...errr, water. 

Nothing was done as they never could get the permits they desired.  There was a lot of hassle from government agencies. So, back in 2011, former commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill met with Palm Beach County officials to see about a grant-funded nature center. She put the bug in their ear and that's what's on the table today.

In June 2012, the corporation finally gave up its lease and said it wanted the property to be used as a conservation area. It was anticipated that Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management would restore and manage the property with us waiving all fees and keep it as a passive park. We will take care of Public Safety.  Before anything is restored or constructed on the property, the County will submit plans and get approval from the City. The property will be opened to the public and the city will be responsible for the opening and closing of the preserve. The $1 dollar a year, 99 year lease agreement provides that the upland area will be reserved for future public amenities, including parking. Nothing is said in the Lease about revenue that could be generated from parking (land is across from the beach property) or admission.

The most ridiculous request and made a part of this proposed lease is that the Steinhardt family wants the property acknowledged with their name.  They never owned it.
The suggestion is to call it Steinhardt Cove.

Now, on Tuesday night under New Business C, the city will present this latest scheme that has been obviously under discussion for quite some time. This has to be voted upon by the residents and the city/county has devised another plan by allowing this lease for the first ten years and then going out on a Referendum that they must do by City law for any lease of Public property that is more than 20 years. By that time, the citizenry will be used to the nature preserve and vote it in. Also, the voters might have more trust in the local government regarding  elections in general.

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Anonymous said...

Why should the Steinharts get the preserve named after them/ what in the Hell have they done for the city? Please.

Lynn Anderson said...

Steinhardt at one time sued the city of LW. He has a LOT of nerve requesting that this nature preserve be named after him.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a good idea for this property. Condos? Thank God that never happened.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this family is trying to make some type of charitable donation tax write off? I guess if they gave up the lease and gave up opportunity (assuming they could ever get the approvals which I don't think they could) for development they are claiming some type of write off or donation?

Anonymous said...

Suggesting to name this property
Steinhardt Cove,shows you the ignorance of our present City Commission. We paid more in legal fees on the Steinhardt lease then we ever Collected in the $6,000 annual
rent, when Steinhardt sued the City of Lake Worth over laying the Sewer line to South Palm Beach without his permission and the Settlement we ended up paying. if you want to name parks in LW after people who have taken advantage of the City why not name it Peter Willard or Loretta Sharp.

Anonymous said...

Why do we always give away City Assets for a Dollar a Year when we don't have money? Maybe that is why we Don't have money.

Anonymous said...

The original release was not with Steinhardt, but with Mr Marshall, the forner owner of the Gulf Stream Hotel who fliped it to Steinhardt, who was not favored by the Commission, Will history repeat itself when the County flips it to another developer?

Anonymous said...

lake Worth has a $90,000,000 plus unfunded Pension Fund for all City employees,
therefore, City assets must generate revenue, to replenish the missing Funds, and cover the shortfalls of the Beach Casino and Swimming Pool etc..The present very simple Commission members have no clue how to.,
but DEMAND Lake Worth sucker taxpayers to RE-ELECT THEM so they can collect our monthly tax checks
for displaying arrogance to cover idle ignorance, all seen so far.
Parrot Cove's Miller strongly supports this non-achievers gang.
Lake Worth Citizens know that they ran to be public servants, to be respectful and humble.

Anonymous said...

I rented for many years from the Steinhardt's at 2560 S. Ocean Blvd just across the bridge. First the father and after his death his son, a judge took over. They had wrangled some way out complex legalities with the adjoining property on the beach side, so that the beach property condos (privately owned not Steinhardt's) owned our parking lot and Steinhardt owned theirs, and we renters had beach access. Quite a family. The condo owners on the beach had 20 year old bottles of champagne they had saved for the occasion of his(father's) death. Not easy people to deal with apparently.