Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Shooting last night in Lake Worth

Man shot on Railroad Avenue and PBSO looking for suspect.
07/03/2017 10:42 PM
Shooting/Stabbing. PBCFR Station-91 O/S of a person that was shot, advising Priority-2 Trauma Alert by ground
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Anonymous said...

WTF? PBSO? We are not the size of Chicago for God's sake. Time for Triolo to get her head out of her ass and impose a curfew. That would give PBSO some teeth to scatter the gang bangers out at 2 AM. And speaking of Tra la la- Now she can afford to build a pool at her house? A couple of years ago she was having trouble paying her electric bill(city manager fixed that for her) and had to rent her house out.What happened? You and I happened my friends. Do you have a free 500 a month to spend on a car? Among other perks. Our Mayor, Commissioners and City manager do. Thanks to all of stupid sheep out here,Lake Worth City officials no longer represent us. They make their living off of us. Like parasites. it's time for term limits.

Anonymous said...

over a dozen pbso bicycles cruzed n.palmway and lakeside in a pack for at least an hour on friday.nice to see them but why not go where trouble starts.this is why they are called street sweepers.TERM LIMITS ARE PAST DUE