Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jeff Clemens gets an F grade

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Sen. Jeff Clemens, a Lake Worth Democrat received an F grade from Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) which is a conservative advocacy group. Lori Berman, our state rep, did not fair well either.

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This is disgusting!

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Just more of Palm Beach County going to developers 

Cuteness at Lake Worth Commission

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Bella and Buzzy taking it all in at the
 Lake Worth City Commission meeting
Total Cuteness--
Marshall, I'm talking about the Yorkies :)

Resident of Palm Beach County speaks out Against the Braves going into John Prince Park

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Yesterday, several people spoke to the Palm Beach County Commission regarding its desire to allow the Braves taking acreage on public land at John Prince Park. Following are comments from one resident followed by the facts:

Thank you commissioners for giving me the opportunity to briefly speak to you about our concerns over the possible takeover of our public park by corporate baseball.  Actually, I’m here to speak in support of the Braves Corporation.  I’m in support of this billion dollar, heavily tax-subsidized company setting up their training camp anywhere outside of our park that we have lived with for over fifty years. (Provided that they use their own money and NO taxpayer dollars regardless of the source.)

I just want to address one particular concern about some misleading information that has been published in the news media about the amount of public land the company wants to take from our park.  The local minions of the Braves Corporation seem to want to minimize the impact of this takeover by making repeated statements to the media that this is a 726 acres site and they only want to take TINY 100-110 acres of it for their private use.

We have attempted to examine the actual impact on the usable lands using published park administration figures (where they are available) and through measurements of actual park areas using satellite imaging methods. We have prepared a handout of these figures that we have provided for your use and for the use of the news media who we hope will move to correct these statements.

As you can see, 338 acres of the park area happens to be water.  Perhaps we could add a new dimension to baseball by providing the players with water wings, but I seriously doubt if that would happen.  In all probability only the bats would float.

This leaves us with 338 acres of total land, much of which is occupied by the Golf Center, the campground, the Maintenance Area (which turned out to be an additional and crucial public asset in recovering from a number of recent hurricanes) and the Administration Complex.

This leaves the maximum land area available for free (or almost free) public use of 238 acres.  In reality, the Corporation wants to take away almost ½ of that.

You can visualize this on the attached map if you mentally superimpose the 100 acre scale drawing over the land area actually available for public use.


Click here... to see the figures and the map

"I call the question" - More lousy Lake Worth Politics

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"I want to call the question." That statement is the Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell's latest bully tactic when he just doesn't want to hear the other side of any argument...when he wants to stop Christopher McVoy or even Ryan Maier from uttering an opinion. He is, once again, abusing his power and to use the latest buzz word of Shelley Vana, urinating on democracy, open debate and transparency.

See Robert's Rules question 11. The attitude is--I got elected by an overwhelming majority so screw you and the horse you rode in on. Passing ordinances/laws that will force all other persons to conform to the Trio's ideas of what is good for them is corruption of power. Calling the question was used last night only to be rude as Maxwell's mind was made up on the Land Development Regulations as was the rest of the Trio's. Mr. Maxwell doesn't care about that. His fans love him.  It's as if he's been taking lessons from Trump.

This Trio does not want to waste time listening to anyone, certainly not the public. They only want to listen to their own bully voices. They are rude and obnoxious and to a big fault. Generally, the presiding officer waits until it's clear no one else wants to speak to the issue; calling out "Question" without first obtaining the floor is just plain rude. But more than that, it is obnoxious politics.

Last night before the meeting resumed after a break, I thanked the mayor for conducting a cordial meeting. Within minutes that all changed. Within a flash, she became agitated. I have never witnessed a more rude body of elected officials.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Great-Give Mascot

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We met him in the elevator today after we had left the Palm Beach County Commission meeting. He was wearing a Great-Give T-shirt too! There is still time to make a donation.

Clay Glass asks for your donation during Great Give

Dear Friends:

FlamingoClayStudio and Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery works hard to provide affordable studio and gallery space for low income artists and the community. Many of you know us and have been in the gallery- some in our studio.

We have several projects sorely in need of funding. Please consider making a donation to us today through the Great Give. This is one day of giving that supports so many of our non-profits throughout the county.

With the fund we raise we will be able to do a number of critical things. When we "thank you" for your donation, we will email you and ask you where you want your donation to be directed.

• $100,000 towards mortgage on our studio building so it is not sold out from under us
• $100,000 towards our program with Lake Worth High School students that will equip them for jobs through the arts
• $18,000 to house and install our gas kiln and to build a handicapped accessible bathroom
• $18,000 for 10 low income artists to have a year's membership in our studio,(Seniors/students/and others at $1800 each for the year.)

Thank you so much

Marion County Florida on Bathrooms

4 hours, 1 min (268.7 mi) via I-95 N and Florida's Turnpike from Palm Beach County is Marion County.  On a 4/1 vote, its "School Board approved a measure requiring its students to use the bathroom of their birth sex. The ACLU has entered the act and says it will file litigation.

Public restrooms have become more than just a way to relieve bodily functions in 2016 -- they’ve quickly become the center of immense controversy. The issue has pitted people against each other over whether or not transgender people should be allowed to use the bathroom of their identified gender or if they should be forced to use the bathroom of their birth sex."

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Anonymous Florida Terrorist Group threatens Dave Aronberg

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Why are some up in arms that our State Attorney, Dave Aronberg, wants the tragic death of Corey Jones to go to a Grand Jury? And now we have this terrorist group Anonymous entering the picture. In our system, people are innocent until proven otherwise. We can't go around lynching people as some would like to happen in this case.

A grand jury is a panel of citizens called for service just like a trial jury (also called a “petit jury”) in a criminal or civil case. But a grand jury’s function is different. A prosecutor presents evidence and the grand jurors decide whether it establishes that the accused probably committed a crime. The grand jurors don’t decide guilt or innocence, only whether the person should be charged. If the grand jury decides that the accused probably committed a crime, then it will issue an indictment, effectively bringing criminal charges against the accused. Source: NOLO

Let the system work. Dave Aronberg is crossing the T's and dotting the I's. As Aronberg said, “I’d ask people not to jump to conclusions until it’s done.” He will do his job fairly and honestly for both parties. That's his job.

Whitehouse Correspondents' Dinner

Tasteless comedy

On Saturday, President Barack Obama took aim at Democrats and Republicans alike in his final appearance headlining the star-studded White House correspondents' dinner, but saved his sharpest barbs for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. Trump did not attend.

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"Steinhardt" Property

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All of us who go to the beach or drive down A1A have seen the clearing of land on the western side of AIA formerly known as the Steinhardt property.  Betty Resch was the attorney for the Stenhardts who years ago leased this property from the City of Lake Worth in order to build.

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Steinhardts voluntarily terminate lease

Back on January 7, 2014,  the suggested (I am still trying to get a copy of that agreement) 99 year lease with the County on the dry as well as the submerged land was approved to make this property a nature preserve.  Former commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill had everything to do with this eventual occurrence.

The Steinhardt's wanted it called Steinhardt Cove. After objections from some residents who contacted their commissioners, the naming rights were  removed from the Contract. The County is now occupying and developing the land and the deal was that after 20 years the city would go out on a referendum for the electorate to approve a 99 year lease.  Or they could get around the 20 years minus a day by renewing them every 19 years and 364 days. Of course, by then this watchdog will be long gone.

Project Overview
• Restore habitat within 11-acre Jewell Cove site.
• Stabilize the shoreline and install access at Old Bridge Park.
Phase I (to be completed in June 2016)
• Remove invasive vegetation along shoreline (completed).
• Install over 700 feet of rock reef to stabilize the shoreline, while providing mangrove, marsh and oyster habitat.
• Place sand behind the created breakwater to form a mangrove planter and protect the shoreline.
Phase II (to begin in winter 2016)
• Install native maritime hammock vegetation along 1,100 feet of shoreline.
• Construct a new seawall, fishing pier/floating dock and associated landscaping at Old Bridge Park.
Project Partners
Palm Beach County, City of Lake Worth, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida
Inland Navigation District, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

We heard back from the County:

The site that we presently call Jewel Cove is indeed being transformed into a passive park highlighting native hammock species.  There was, unfortunately, quite a significant population of invasive exotic vegetation on the site, but they have now all been removed in preparation for our extensive replanting work.  A more detailed explanation of the project can be found here:

but we would be happy to tour the site with you at any time during construction.  At this point, our contractor is building some nearshore breakwater habitat and stone revetment to protect the site from further erosion.  Once he has completed the work, we will be able to establish the trail and begin the planting.

Should you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, please feel free to call me.

Daniel Bates
Deputy Director
Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management

Monday, May 2, 2016

Tonight's Sky

Palm Beach County Ethics Director to speak at Lake Worth City Commission

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Tomorrow night at the Lake Worth City Commission we will hear a presentation by Mark Bannon, the Ethics Executive Director of Palm Beach County.

The Code of Ethics applies to all elected and appointed county and municipal employees and officials, including advisory board members within Palm Beach County.  It does not apply to constitutional offices such as the Sheriff, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector or Clerk and Comptroller.

Bratman and Robbing

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Lake Worth - Union Contract Agreement reached

This is on the May 17th agenda. Sounds like it might be good news for those employees looking for their raise. We have to guess (there is no back-up yet) that 1) this pertains to the recent decision to separate the raise from the pensions and 2) the commission will agree to the raise being retro-active to October 1, 2015. 

One obstacle down; one more to go.

Early Morn

OMG Everyone's acting like Hillary

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This isn't Steven Segal in the 1988 movie Above the Law.  This is the real thing and it happens daily in politics--

Thinking they are above the law and that they just don't have to be accountable, I would suspect that many local commissioners hide their e-mails from the public that are on their private e-mail accounts. They don't want to be open and transparent and don't believe they have to be. It takes a lot by the public to ascertain the truth. This, I am sure, happens more times than we know. It's like Lake Worth's Vice Mayor, Scott Maxwell, with four cell phones. Each have a different purpose?

The Martin County Commission just got in lots of trouble for not following the law. "Of those commission members -- a former judge, of all things -- failed to turn over emails regarding public matters to a property owner who requested them. The commissioner held the emails for years without turning them over, despite a legal requirement to do so."

Read about it... at Sunshine News.

Trump possibilities for Veep

With Donald Trump the clear front-runner in the Republican presidential primary, The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza says these are the five people the business mogul might pick as his running mate if he clinches the nomination.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunset 5-1-16

Derby Day May 7th in Lake Worth

One week from today--
And it's free!