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Islamic activist says Pam Geller should die

Islamic activist Anjem Choudary says Pam Geller should die--
but this is the United States of America and we are  not under Sharia Law--
at least not yet.

Hurricane Seminar at Lake Worth Golf Course

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Last night the 8th Hurricane Seminar on hurricane preparedness was held at the Lake Worth Golf Course.  Kevin Addison was host. It was very well attended in a perfect venue and I believe it to be the best one ever. The Beach Club encouraged people to stay to dine on their special of buy one, get one dinner free and many took them up on their offer. Drew Martin, elected in 2014 to be our representative of the Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 2 spoke to the crowd.

Vendors were well represented and all introduced themselves and their product/service.   PBSO deputy Mike Mahoney spoke and his lucky mom Janet won two door prizes!  Kevin and BarbaraJean worked diligently on door prizes and businesses graciously donated wonderful prizes--Ace Hardware, Elegant Lady, Lake Worth Jewelers, SouthShore Restaurant, Dave's Last Resort, Walgreens and EAS Shipping to name a few. Maurice Luz gave one from Milton's grooming parlor and one from his hair salon.  Home Depot donated a gas grill worth $100 and one of the vendors donated a gas generator.

The main feature was Mike Lyons Meteorologist at WPBF 25 who gave an interesting talk on hurricanes in general as well as those from the past that affected Florida and caused so much damage. He did say that our hurricane season this year is predicted to be minimal because of El Nino. An El NiƱo weather pattern usually causes frequent periods of high wind shear. Wind shear causes the vertical column of spinning air within a system to become tilted, inhibiting the development of storms. Lyons said only one major storm is predicted this hurricane season that begins on June 1 lasting six months. A major storm is a category 3 or higher. So, start preparing now--buy your batteries, can goods and water. After his presentation, he stayed to  help with awarding the door prizes.

In 2004, we got a double whammy two weeks apart when Frances and Jeanne hit the Palm Beach area.
Hurricane Jeanne blew down many of the ficus trees along Lake Osborne. 
Tornados came through.

Enterprise and Special Revenue Funds

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Back in 2011, the accounting method for the Lake Worth golf course changed.  The golf course was reorganized and is no longer an Enterprise Fund.  Prior to 2011, the golf course paid for itself as far as operational expenses but the huge administrative fees, debt and capital improvements always showed it operating in the red. There were always those supporting growth of any kind who would say, "See, it can't make any money; we should sell off 9 holes for development." Those people exist today. The Golf Course fund is now and has been since 2011, a Special Revenue Fund and it will be treated like other parks within our city, giving it a chance to survive. It is now profitable.

On Tuesday night, our Vice Mayor, Scott Maxwell said, "So, each one of these funds--the Electric Utility, the Golf Course, the Beach Fund, the General Fund--all of our funds have to be balanced.  To the extent of how much we're losing up there (the beach park), is unknown."  Maxwell is right to a certain degree but not entirely. Maxwell gave information that was somewhat misleading relative to our golf course and our beach when he grouped them in with other funds and when he said those funds had to balance. 

Our Golf Course is no longer an Enterprise Fund. If an activity's principal revenue source meets any one of the following criteria, it is required to be reported as an enterprise fund: (1) an activity financed with debt that is secured solely by pledge of the net revenues from fees and charges for the activity; (2) laws or regulations which require that the activity's costs of providing services, including capital costs, be recovered with fees and charges, rather than with taxes or similar revenues; or (3) pricing policies which establish fees and charges designed to recover the activity's costs, including capital costs. In an enterprise fund, all costs of operating the enterprise must be identified. This includes direct costs, indirect costs, employee benefits, legal and borrowing cost, and capital expenditures. These costs may also include an appropriation for emergency reserve and a budget surplus.

An account established by a government to collect money that must be used for a specific project is a Special Revenue Fund. These funds  provide an extra level of accountability and transparency to taxpayers that their tax dollars will go toward an intended purpose. Special Revenue Funds account for the proceeds of specific revenue sources (other than trusts for individuals, private organizations, or other governments, or for major capital projects) that are legally restricted to expenditures for specific purposes. Governments must rely on operating and capital budgets to pay for any shortfalls that revenues do not provide.

Our casino beach fund is not, according to the city, an enterprise fund.  Therefore, the city must rely on funds from our operating budget to pay those expenses when there is a shortfall of revenue to cover the total costs.

So, when Scott said these funds all have to be balanced, he is right to a certain extent because all monies go into our operating fund that must be balanced by law. He was wrong if he was implying that special revenue funds representing certain enterprises must pay for themselves. As an add, many expenses at our beach park were/are (the audit is delayed) thrown into the Olympic Pool that make it impossible to show a profit there, i.e., total toilet paper cost and total water costs, etc. were expensed to the pool at one time.

When asked for an explanation on the two distinct funds, the new Finance Director, Nerahoo Hemraj, referred me to GFOA GAAFR Blue Book; GASB 34 Model version.

According to the city--

Special Revenue Funds 

Improvement Fund
Building Permit Fund
Beach Fund
Parking Improvement Fund
Code Remediation Fund
Road Improvement Fund
Grant Fund
Beach Redevelopment
Beautification Fund
Utility Conservation Fund
Golf Course
Simpkin Trust
Library Endowment Fund
Library Trust Fund
Incentive Fund
Escheat Fund
Criminal Justice
Building Education Fund
State Forfeiture Fund

Enterprise Funds 

Electric Fund
Water Fund
Local Sewer Fund
Regional Sewer
Regional Sewer R & R
Stormwater Utility Fund
Refuse, Collection & Disp
Storm Water Utility Fund

Sources: Office of Financial Management;  Municipal Accounts.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sunset 5-21-15

Quote of the Day - Walter Williams

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"Hustlers and people with little understanding want us to believe that today's black problems are the continuing result of a legacy of slavery, poverty and racial discrimination. The fact is that most of the social pathology seen in poor black neighborhoods is entirely new in black history."

~ Walter Williams
professor of economics at George Mason University

Read more... at CNS News.

Col. Ralph Peters - Questioning Obama's Timing

Lake Worth gets new reporter

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Usually the Palm Beach Post reporters are eventually run out of Lake Worth by the bully blogger--you know who I mean. It seems we have another one who just began this beat:  Kevin D. Thompson.  He was spotted in the back row at Tuesday night's meeting. Here is what he says on Facebook:

I will be the new full-time reporter covering Lake Worth. While I may be new to the city, I’m no stranger to The Post. I’ve been a reporter here for 20 years, having covered Royal Palm Beach and Greenacres the past few years.

To offer the best coverage possible, I plan to rely on you — my readers. That means I want to hear from you on a regular basis on what’s important to you and the issues that impact your lives. I also want to hear about all the quirky, fun, arts-y stuff happening in your city.

So, any story ideas, comments or tips should be sent to Or, feel free to call me at 561-820-4573. You can also follow me on Twitter  @KevinDThompson1.

Read Kevin's bio

Lake Worth High School Trojan Pride Chorus to perform tomorrow night


Come on out and hear the chorus under the direction of
 Director Weatherspoon. 

This is the Trojan Pride Women and Mixed Chorus
 that received superior ratings at the District this year
 and then attended with four other high schools from
 Miami, California, New York and New Jersey
 to form the National Festival Chorus to sing on stage at the famous
 Carnegie Hall in New York. 
The seniors have already graduated but will be in attendance to sing at
Friday, May 22
HANSEN HALL AT Lake Worth High School.
COST Is $8.00

Crime stats for Lake Worth

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Today, the Palm Beach Post had an article, County sees drop in Crime overall. Below are the categories included in their report. Lake Worth ranked either number three or number six in the county.

Murder -- 1 -- #6
Rapes -- 38 -- #3
Aggravated Assault -- 220 -- #6
Robbery -- 157 -- #3
Burglary -- 597 -- #3
Larceny -- 1,258 -- #6
Vehicle theft -- 130 -- #6

For the most part, those areas with larger numbers were Palm Beach County as a whole and West Palm Beach. The rate per 100,000 people was much higher for Lake Worth other than Riviera Beach in motor vehicle thefts. So, we get more than our share of crimes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sunset 5-20-15

Hurricane Seminar in Lake Worth


PGA tournament in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, on May 9th. Did a UFO appear in the sky during the tournament? Read about it... at WND.

Last night's Lake Worth City Commission Meeting

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Who wouldn't want to take control of this?

I was under the impression that the offerors would give a live presentation last night but it was not to be. Even the back-up was inadequate with Hudson Holdings giving us some site plan drawings that you couldn't read and John Szerdi, Hudson Holding's employee, in the chamber with some papers in hand. He still believes it was shockingly bad luck and voter ignorance as to why he lost his election.

The only thing "live" were the residents with many in the developer crowd there with one resident who even believes an audit of our beach complex is unnecessary. Every corporation and every city in the world has audits and Lake Worth even has delayed its 2014 general audit (the fiscal year ended September 30, 2014) that won't be out until July. What the resident said was: We were "hyperventilating...We need a middle ground, an informed public." Then in the same breath he said, "Audit figures are not necessary." How then do you get informed?  How is the city supposed to know the reasons why we are not meeting expenses, (making money is their number one goal), or even if the pool expenses have been padded. There are no words to describe the idea of giving up control of our beach and going off willy-nilly without knowing the numbers and handing over one of our top assets, our casino complex, to a developer.

Last night's city commission workshop was not a workshop at least not in the sense of what we have grown to was a bunch of people giving three minutes of either agreeing with the commission or not based on little or no information. By the time it was all through, the commission went "Whew."  I would suppose that the quote of the night which occurred early in the evening was Michael Bornstein's when he claimed, "I am the Father of the ITN."  My question is why did we go out on one to begin with?  Glen Torcivia, city attorney, answered that question--"It is used when you don't have a clear intent on what you want to give us ideas." Why did we want to do anything but fix the problems we currently have?

Why then, if we had no idea of what we wanted to do or even why we were doing it, go out on this secret process in the first place? Why didn't we learn anything about the scaled back plan of Hudson Holdings and what they want to build?  Why didn't we learn anything about Anderson and Carr's proposal and about their client and why they want the entire upper level of our casino for 25 years? Why didn't we learn why Mr. Bornstein thought it a necessity to do an ITN, a secret negotiating process with some appointed lay people on the needs of our Lake Worth beach? Why now, after a developer/investor who wants to further "expand" our beach park did Bornstein agree to do sustainability studies that will cost the city to basically accommodate this developer?

Why did we have to listen to the same old crap and the same old football line which is now, according to Retha Lowe, 40 years of tossing the idea around of doing something at our beach. I guess she added ten additional years as she has been out of office now and several years before she got us in trouble with Greater Bay when she grabbed the contract and signed it for the mayor who wanted to read it first.  We just completed our beach and casino complex less than three years ago at a cost of $13 million dollars.  Why is NOTHING good enough for these people?  It has to make you wonder why that damn football is still being tossed around.

The Vice Mayor gave his observation (or was it a complaint?) that the "vast number of people who use our beach don't even live here..."it's a regional beach," he said and always wanting to be right, he grumbled again that the financial plan "will not work."  No, it won't work when the 2nd floor space is not rented, when the grand ballroom is not grand and has a few problems of convenience, and the pool has never been marketed nor was it ever a part of the financial plan. They even put out false information apparently from Juan Ruiz that our pool is not a competitive pool.  It is a competitive pool if used width-wise on 25 yard meets. The excuses are sickening, and spouting the company line as to why this complex is not working, is even more sickening.

Former Commissioner John Szerdi dissed the building, big time, bringing up all its problems in spite of the fact he had an interest at our beach development as his firm designed the restroom in the southern part of the beach. He was on top of everything back then. Resident Bob Lepa said that it was "incomprehensible that we're still subsidizing businesses there." We are supposedly operating at a loss because of the things mentioned in the above paragraph but we don't really know that because an "audit is unnecessary." We just keep on digging our own grave and giving unfounded reasons for failure.

Commissioner Maier, answering Scott Maxwell about his statement that the beach is being used mostly by those living outside our city and that it was "regional" asked, "Is our golf course a regional course?  Is our downtown a regional downtown?" We own this beach and everything on it regardless of who uses it. Aside from Amoroso and McVoy, Commissioner Maier made some of the best points of the evening when he said "without the audited numbers, we can't fix a problem if we don't know it exists. Fix the building we already have there. Let's fix what we already have." McVoy's opinion was the same.

Maier's and McVoy's suggestion is all too simple but obviously all too difficult for this administration that seems to believe that the cure-all is to outsource and get the problem, once and for all, off their plate. Didn't they know that new businesses and business models take several years to start generating income? Profitability is whatever monies remain after all expenses are accounted for, including staff salaries. We have no idea what sort of expenses are being dumped into the casino operation. Fix the flaws. Rent the upstairs. Market the pool. Let's see the numbers and then let's talk.

If people can't do the job, then they really should give it up. No more excuses.

Shooting in Lake Worth

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hillary, can anyone believe her?

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Yesterday, emails published by the New York Times indicate that Hillary Clinton used more than one private email address during her time as secretary of state, contradicting previous claims from the Democratic presidential contender’s office.

Multiple emails show Clinton used account “” while serving in the Obama administration as secretary of state.

In the meantime, her unfavorable ratings are going up.

Crime Lake Worth

DRUNK DRIVER--15075560--LAKE AVE & S DIXIE HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 11:07:00 PM

ASSAULT    15075491--1200 BLOCK S L ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 6:39:00 PM

BURGLARY - VEHICLE--15075419--700 BLOCK N D ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 3:17:00 PM

ASSAULT--15075409--100 BLOCK S GOLFVIEW RD--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 2:35:00 PM

ASSAULT--15075405--200 BLOCK S F ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 2:22:00 PM

STOLEN TAG--15075372--2800 BLOCK S GARDEN DR--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 12:15:00 PM

DRUNK DRIVER--15075373--LUCERNE AVE & N DIXIE HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 11:58:00 AM

STOLEN VEHICLE--15075336--LUCERNE AVE & N FEDERAL HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 10:40:00 AM

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--15075364--1800 BLOCK 15TH AVE N--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 10:22:00 AM

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--15075308--1500 BLOCK TERRACE DR W--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 8:55:00 AM

VANDALISM--15075301--1100 BLOCK S L ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/17/2015 8:40:00 AM

Assault 05/15/15 09:51 AM 800 BLOCK OF 3RD
Other 05/15/15 03:51 PM 300 BLOCK OF J
Theft 05/16/15 08:27 PM 100 BLOCK OF M
Vandalism 05/16/15 02:24 AM 100 BLOCK OF FEDERAL
Robbery 05/16/15 09:52 PM 700 BLOCK OF F
Other 05/16/15 04:36 PM 300 BLOCK OF E
Other 05/15/15 07:06 PM 1700 BLOCK OF LAKE WORTH
Theft 05/15/15 11:29 AM 200 BLOCK OF B
Theft 05/15/15 08:14 PM 100 BLOCK OF LAKESIDE
Vandalism 05/17/15 08:40 AM 1100 BLOCK OF L
Other 05/15/15 10:25 AM 1600 BLOCK OF J
Theft 05/17/15 05:42 PM 00 BLOCK OF OCEAN
Theft 05/15/15 12:32 PM 2600 BLOCK OF FEDERAL

ROBBERY - PERSON--15075918--14TH AVE S & S LAKESIDE DR--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 9:39:00 PM

VANDALISM--15075888--1500 BLOCK N J ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 8:19:00 PM

DISTURBANCE--15075867--100 BLOCK DETROIT ST--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 7:40:00 PM

SHOPLIFTING--15075877--500 BLOCK S DIXIE HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 7:38:00 PM

THEFT/LARCENY--15075848--3700 BLOCK 23RD AVE S--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 6:20:00 PM

ROBBERY - BUSINESS--15075838--2100 BLOCK 10TH AVE N--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 5:52:00 PM

BURGLARY - VEHICLE--15075736--1200 BLOCK 12TH AVE S--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 1:31:00 PM

THEFT/LARCENY--15075717--1000 BLOCK LUCERNE AVE--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 1:08:00 PM

DRUNK DRIVER--15075664--LAKE AVE & N DIXIE HWY--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 11:17:00 AM

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE--15075668--2400 BLOCK 2ND AVE N--Palm Beach County Sheriff--5/18/2015 11:08:00 AM