Friday, February 5, 2016

Sunset 2-5-16

Is Lake Worth getting any bang for the buck when it comes to making our community safe?

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We have had two murders in Lake Worth so far in 2016. The other night, there was a brutal murder at the 1200 block of 12 Court North. Those who spoke to CBS 12 off camera said "this brazen crime shows that the bad guys aren't afraid of PBSO, and that has the community on edge."

See channel 12 video

Tuesday night a woman and her daughter spoke about this incident during public speaking on non-agendaed items. And the dead man, someone they had known for years, literally died on their doorstep. Bullets were flying all over the place and they still found casings after the PBSO left the premises. Mrs. Nancy Bradford, who has been here for 38 years, said that she was still traumatized and wanted support for our police and better training for them. Directing her comments to the city commission, "What can you do for our community?" she asked. Her daughter spoke and said that 8 years ago her father was mugged at gunpoint at his doorstep and pleaded with McVoy and mayor Triolo to better train our police. The mayor said, "thank you." Mrs. Bradford's two minutes were up.

People don't understand.  The Palm Beach County Sheriff's department is well trained. However, when you live in a city with so much crime, you have to wonder what the hell happened.  This is not Detroit. No, we can't blame it on the commission but something caused it.

Do we just have too much crime or is the problem not enough boots on the ground? Is the PBSO totally reactive rather than pro-active? Cpt. Baer said that we had 84 deputies but do they concentrate solely on Lake Worth or are they sent out to neighboring communities? Do they patrol in areas of high crime? If not, why not? What about our Cultural Plaza where supposedly all these dregs are doing drugs? Why aren't they being arrested? Why are so many of them in Lake Worth? We spend over half our operating budget for policing. Are we getting any bang for the buck?

Cpt. Todd Baer

2015 ITN "Secret" Meetings and Audios

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Hear it for yourselves, folks--

Invitations for Bids and RFPs for FY 2015

Invitation to Negotiate | ITN # 14-211 | Lake Worth Beach Casino

Meeting Date
July 30, 2015 6pm City Hall
April 28, 2015 6pm City Hall Video Public Notice
March 31, 2015 Audio
February 10, 2015 Audio
December 9, 2014 Audio
December 2, 2014 Audio
November 4, 2014 Audio

Quote of the Day - Mayor Pam Triolo

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"I think the people neglected the fact that the infrastructure was going to fail, or maybe the politicians put money into shiny objects (She swiped the word "shiny"  from Scott Maxwell) instead of the meat and potatoes because meat and potatoes don't win elections." See the video channel 12

~ Mayor Pam Triolo

Actually, our pipes are old and the mayor got the Water Department Director to confirm that for her but...these political blame games really trickle out of the woodwork around election time. Essentially there are three reasons why fire hydrants are flushed:
  • One, sediment builds up in the water lines and inside the hydrants. So they need to be flushed to remove the sediment.
  • Second, if the water department did any maintenance or repairs on the system, they would need to be flushed to remove any debris that got into the pipes during the repair.
  • Third, fire hydrants need to be tested to find out what their flow capacity is for firefighting purposes. In commercial and residential areas, they have to know if there is enough water available to extinguish a fire. This also lets them know if there are any faulty or shut off hydrants so that they can be repaired or replaced.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lake Worth Casino on Channel 12

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Even the mayor admits that the casino can be profitable with "proper business handling."

It is the mayor and two commissioners, Maxwell and Amoroso, who negotiated the leases at the casino.  But they still like to tell everyone that our Casino is not making money.  Whose fault is that?  Why haven't they leased the upstairs space in all this time? They have had 4.5 years to do it. Some believe that they are waiting until after the election when Hudson Holdings is waiting to grab our beach.

The story now is that they can't lease the second floor because they are suing the contractor.  Which is it? Two months ago it was let's lease the upstairs now we get a whole new routine of excuses for lousy management. The mayor says that there have been a lot of misconceptions over the project and to give her a call.

Click here... to see channel 12's video.

Sunset 2-4-16

Marco Rubio on the Homeless

A little over a year ago, Marco Rubio congratulated former homeless men and women who were graduating from life changing programs provided by the Miami Rescue Mission and Broward Outreach Centers.

All people need encouragement and need to be pointed in the right direction. To simply say that "most of these people don't want help" is not solving anything and it's a cop out to the truth.

All Aboard Florida

All Aboard Florida will block some intersections as they unload rail beams. It will affect Lake Worth.

Read about it...

Terrorists on American soil

As Obama prepares to bring in more Syrian refugees who we have no real way of vetting or certainty that they are not terrorists, last year this country had the most terror plots since 911 according to Riley Walters of the Daily Signal.

In his article he says that this brings us to two areas of concern: stopping the spread of radical messaging by ISIS and other Islamist terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab and stopping the flow of foreign fighters.

Read about it...

Out of Sight; Out of Mind

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Realizing that I am in the minority on this issue, I still feel it has to be said.

Out of sight--that is Lake Worth's solution to this growing problem of homelessness. Lake Worth has now said that they will deal with these people during the day, but 10pm to 6am, they had better be out of sight, the very time that the homeless try to sleep while we are home sleeping in the comfort of our beds. They will  no longer be allowed to sleep in public spaces.

Even though there were people complaining at the commission meeting that their kids had to witness public urination or even someone bothering their child (not even sure I believe that because they should have called the Sheriff), we are banning them from sight for six hours a day on all public spaces.

We are not the first city that has voted to penalize the homeless--it has happened across the country. We don't have any adequate facility or shelter space in Lake Worth. We have no public restrooms that they can use. We don't care...just get them out of here.

This is all about moving them out of our sight so that we now can feel better and congratulate this commission for making it impossible for these poor people who have no home, no food and basically have nothing and make it harder on them. We have decided to now take what little dignity they have left.

Homelessness is a pervasive problem and the rate seems to have escalated in Lake Worth over the last year. Solutions are neither simple nor easy but Lake Worth passed an Ordinance and a Resolution and took the easy way out and the vote of Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso will not solve it. The Homeless will just move on to the neighborhoods and urinate behind your bush and their lives will be just a little more miserable.

Dehumanizing people should not be a policy of government.

Congratulations Lake Worth. Just one more thing that you can't and are unwilling to manage.

Lake Worth - Festival of Trees

This Morning's Sky

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sunset 2-3-16

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Jury awards Dontrell Stephens $23.4 million

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In a move that tells Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw that shooting unarmed civilians for no valid reason will no longer be tolerated, a jury just awarded a man shot in the back by a PBSO deputy $23.4 million!

Go to Gossip extra to read the whole story.

Magna Carta for all Humanity

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 10 December 1948 by the UN General Assembly, contains this text regarding housing and quality of living:
Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.[19]

Lake Worth - Where the "Heartless" Begin

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The Lake Worth City Commission passed a resolution Tuesday night that sets a new curfew for designated public places. Between midnight and 6 a.m., it will be illegal for anyone to be in or on city owned property, like City Hall and the Cultural Plaza. While those who pushed for this new ordinance insist the curfew will make downtown streets safer for families, others argue it's really about targeting the homeless."

Mayor Pam Triolo, voting for the Resolution, said, "Let's do the right thing and lift each other up."  But all it will do is drag the Homeless down even further than they already are.

Click here... to read more and see the video.

And a blast from the past--

I have to wonder where the Homeless all slept last night...maybe it was behind a bush at the homes of Maxwell, Triolo and Amoroso.

Lake Worth - Sued Again!

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Yesterday, the City of Lake Worth was served with yet another law suit in their long string of suits. This one was directly caused by this city commission of Scott Maxwell, Mayor Pam Triolo and Andy Amoroso, all incumbents up for re-election.

For a simple recap: The trio decided not to honor the vote of the people after they won the Heights Charter Amendment and told them no more than 45 foot heights were to be allowed in that area. The trio commission wanted their favored developer, Hudson Holdings, to be able to build higher as he was promising all sorts of things to "make our city great again." The city did not send the results forward to Tallahassee and waited to see if some law would be signed by Rick Scott three month after the fact that would not allow this election. Scott signed HB 537. The city then jumped on that bill stating that our vote was null and void.

The bill, HB 537 prohibits initiative or referendum processes for any development order, local comprehensive plan amendment, or map amendment. That was NOT what the heights election was about. It was a CHARTER CHANGE and in order to change the Charter, it must be by vote of the electorate. The Charter is the Bible or Constitution of the city, not the comprehensive plan or a map that can be changed by a political vote from the dais. The Charter already addressed heights. That is why Respectful Planning PAC was formed and took the issue to the voters. Their vote was decided on March 12, 2013 and it is supreme.

Hudson Holdings' intent was to build an "additional 150 room hotel with full catering and conference breakout space if awarded the beach front project." They are still in the wings to grab our beach until after this March 15, 2016 election.

The people who are a party to this suit believe we were all wronged by the city. I personally believe that anyone who petitioned for, who campaigned for and/or voted for the heights charter amendment should have standing as well.

Petitioners Filed pursuant to
Case No:

Read the entire Writ...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

WPB Citizen jailed for speaking before commission

Citizen speaks before the West Palm Beach commission, gets arrested and thrown in jail.
Read about it...

On Tonight's City Commission Agenda - Kicking the Homeless to their knees

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Lake Worth has received a lot of complaints regarding the Homeless in our downtown, at the cultural plaza and those in Bryant Park.  This is how the city wants to handle people in need:

Under Unfinished Business tonight--the gigantic cover-up to the truth--

Resolution No. 06-2016 - establish opening/closing hours for “public property” owned by the City.

The Resolution provides that City-owned public property shall be opened/closed between the hours of 10:00p.m. and 6:00 a.m. with certain exceptions.

The Commission, at its January 19, 2016 meeting, approved Ordinance No. 2016-06, which provides for certain rules and regulations regarding City-owned “public property.” The Ordinance also authorizes the Commission to establish the opening and closing hours of “public property” by City resolution. During that same meeting there was a 2-2 tie vote on Resolution No. 06-2016 to establish the opening/closing hours between sunset and sunrise unless there was a City sponsored or approved special event, City approved meetings, or other City approved activities. In accordance with the Commission’s Rules and Procedures, a tie vote shall constitute a continuance of the item to the next regular meeting.

According to Robert's Rules,  on a tie vote the motion is lost. A tie vote is not a majority, consequently if your motion requires a majority vote, the motion is lost if it receives a tie vote. Therefore, a tie vote is as much of a decision as a majority vote in opposition. But this Trio is bringing it back to vote on again. It's sort of like losing an election but not believing it and having another election to counter the one they just lost. 

Some of the concerns raised during the Resolution discussion were regarding use of the City Hall parking lot to patronage restaurants and shops or people cutting through the Cultural Plaza instead of using sidewalks between sunset and sunrise.
Folks, everyone knows it's all about the Homeless. Why can't these people tell the truth?

City staff’s proposed solution to address these concerns is to establish the opening and closing hours between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. when most restaurants and businesses in the downtown area are closed. Staff is also working on revisions to the 2008 resolution that governs City recreational facilities including the hours of operation for City parks. It is anticipated that when the revisions to the 2008 resolution are completed by staff, staff will present the Commission with a combined resolution for both parks and public property hours of operations.

Trump's Unfavorability Rating

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Trump is the least favorable candidate since 1992. This is a mystery as he is doing well in Republican circles and in the polls although he came in second last night in Iowa.

 Read about it... at the Washington Post.