Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Palm Beach Post - Today's editorial on our defeated Bond Referendum and the Park of Commerce

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The Palm Beach Post seems to be overly concerned about our bond referendum that was recently defeated and has suggested another referendum in March. One of its editors lives on South K Street. They still fail to mention the Park of Commerce.

"City Manager Michael Bornstein says that offering a pared-down alternative could be politically tricky. The $63 million plan was balanced so that all sectors of the city received some improvements. A smaller plan might be more difficult to balance geographically, he said. That could make people in less-impacted neighborhoods less likely to support it, and 'that’s where that keeps falling apart'.”  Click the link to read the entire story.

What a pared down bond would mean is that the Park of Commerce would essentially be off the table.  This is the tricky part as many believe that this bond was being pushed by certain commissioners specifically for the Park of Commerce spending $9.6 up to $14 million (originally they wanted $17 million in the POC), money that we would never recapture in ad-valorem taxes, not in 100 years.  In year 2015, the city has projected an expenditure there of $3,350,000 for a total of $4,550,250 through next year that did NOT include the bond of $9.6 million.

From the city's web site:
Read about all the generous incentives for businesses to locate at the POC.

On January 10, 2014, the Lake Worth City Commission approved two contracts to begin the infrastructure improvements on Boutwell Road between Tenth Avenue North and Second Avenue South.  The contracts include Mathews Consulting as the City’s Owner’s Representative and Mock Roos as the Design, Engineering, Construction, and Administration Consultant.

The project will entail a complete overhaul of the infrastructure and roadway including:
  • storm water,
  • potable water,
  • sanitary sewer,
  • electric,
  • telecommunications,
  • and a new boulevard style roadway with lighting, landscaping and pedestrian/bike way access.
Design and engineering of the project will take place during the next twelve (12) months.  Construction of the improvements will begin shortly thereafter.  The new completed roadway is scheduled to be finished in early 2016.

I believe there is a damper on these plans.

Hammerhead Shark just feet away from swimmers

Here at the Lake Worth beach, lifeguards warn us when sharks are close and put up their flags. Not so for these swimmers--

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunset 9-1-14

Clay Glass this Friday in Lake Worth

President Obama's Hesitation

Toby Harnden, a reporter at The Sunday Times, tweeted Friday that a senior Pentagon official confirmed that Obama’s “hesitation” delayed the failed mission to save James Foley who was ultimately beheaded by ISIS.  The Sunday Times reported that Pentagon sources said Obama took too long to authorize the rescue because he was concerned about U.S. troops getting killed or captured.

Read more.. on the President's "hesitation."

Armory Arts Center Lake Worth and our Shuffleboard Court Building

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The CRA was given our Shuffleboard court building for $1 a year that in turn leased it out to the Armory Art Center for $10 a year.  This little scheme (talk about schemers) was all about government grants. It failed to attract students and closed for awhile. It wants to lease studio space at $400 to $450 a month to artists and is now reopening once again offering classes with reduced fees.  Read about it at The Shiny Sheet

If you recall regarding the shuffleboard court building and this lease, taxpayers pay for all utilities: water, gas, electricity, cable, trash collection and removal and anything else you can think of.  This commission acts like we're a wealthy city...just giving away buildings for a buck a year to whomever asks. We know better because they just spent $50,000 of taxpayer money blitzing the taxpayers to death educating us on their need to raise taxes to pay for $63.5 million for road repairs.

Joah Oliva, Director of the CRA, is optimistic--
The CRA says if the Armory does not renew its lease then the CRA will look for another arts-related tenant. “We believe there is a need. If not the Armory, it will suit somebody. But we’re hoping the Armory has a lot of success there,” said Olivia.

They failed to mention David and Goliath

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I would suppose that 'they" have to blame it on something for losing the general obligation bond referendum.  Today it is voter apathy.

The Palm Beach Post editorials (that no longer have a name attached to their opinion), are nothing more than anonymous commentary and sometimes just take potshots as is the case of today's editorial.  They blamed the low turnout in the Primary election to voter apathy.  Perhaps that is exactly what it was...what it always is especially in Primary elections.  But the month of August had a lot to do with low turnout.  Snowbirds are still in the north and people who live here year-round just are not in residence. I would suppose that this was a city strategy.

It bemoaned the fact that we voted down the need to fix our roads and infrastructure by basically putting 1/3rd of the property owners in debt for 34 years on road repairs that would last less than half that time. They failed to mention the multi-millions going into private property to attract development that might never occur. Do they have any conception of how much money $63,500,000.00 is? They never once mentioned the bad timing of this bond, the rate of poverty, unemployment and a city struggling to rise from the ashes of a terrible recession. Never once did they, just like the City of Lake Worth, listen or even seek the other side of the argument which might have explained why this was defeated last Tuesday.

They said that by not voting we ceded our "basic democratic responsibility to those able to move voting blocks: Big-money donors, clandestine political operatives, unions."  Let me be clear about this--It was not Citizens Against Unfair Taxation that had big money donors, political operatives or union money. But the City, with all its clout, had all of these things. They never mentioned the humongous and expensive campaign put on by the city using taxpayer money to win this which divided resident against resident. They never once mentioned David and Goliath.

Fane Lozman in the News

Fane Lozman fought the City of Riviera Beach and won in the United States Supreme Court over corruption.  Big developers wanted to take over the city marina were he was moored. Now he is buying some submerged land off of Riviera Beach and wants to build a floating community.

Read about it...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunset 8-31-14

Bond Referendum Election Results

1st Column: number of registered voters
2nd Column: Ballots cast
3rd Column: % of turn-out
4th Column: For bond
5th Column: Against bond

Charlie Crist Telling the Truth

Published on May 30, 2014

Playing Games

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City Hall and the City Commission-- Are they still playing games?  The regularly scheduled meeting for September 2 will now be on September 9.  The September 16th meeting has been rescheduled to September 23. I would guess that meeting two weeks in a row is a heavy burden.

When will you certify the election results, commissioners?

The November Man

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Something about flames

I liked this movie even though it is getting poor reviews. People are overly critical in today's world. I like any message that tells the tale that the good guys win over evil. It was full of action and never a dull moment with 61 year old Pierce Brosnan in a great role. He still has what it takes.

It shows the world for what it is...sometimes even those for whom you think are your friends, aren't.

And for some really HOT stuff, Click here...

Rick Scott wants to cut taxes

Some of Rick Scott's proposals that did not pass in Tallahassee:

$200 million in sales-tax holidays
$120 fee reduction on the $225 charge for first-time vehicle registrations
$120 year reduction in taxes on cell phones and the 
6 percent sales tax on commercial leases

He again wants to reduce  auto registration fees and give a reduction in property taxes on homesteaded property if the value goes down or stays level. In all, it is a billion dollar tax cut for Floridians.  Read more... at Bradenton.com.

Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2014/08/30/5329898_gov-rick-scotts-most-ambitious.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy

Quote of the Day - Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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“The border is still not secure and probably never will be 100-percent secure. I’ve been working there 34 years on both sides, and anything can happen. Anybody can cross that border, whether they’re Central American, Middle Eastern or terrorist.”

~ Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Read more... at WND and their exclusive interview with Arpaio.

A James O'Keefe photo
from his film spoofing Osama bin Laden crossing our border

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Late afternoon at Lake Worth beach

No potholes over here. 
Beautiful day at Lake Worth beach
The restaurants were crowded and everything will be busy over this holiday weekend. 
All the foliage is growing and it is looking healthier after all the rain.
Commissioner Amoroso's beach clean-up was this morning and the
beach looked terrific.