Friday, August 26, 2016

Numbers USA Presidential Immigration Guide

Presidential Immigration Voter guide on foreign worker and enforcement policies, Syrian refugees, etc.

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Jacks NOT Vana for Property Appraiser

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Last night's ridiculous meeting on the Lake Worth General Obligation Bond

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Last night's meeting nearly ended before it began. It was a "work" Session to discuss the neighborhood streets project, or so we all thought. Other than Commissioner McVoy attempting to have any discussion whatsoever, there was none and none was allowed.

McVoy said that the approach we have as a commissioner should be incumbent on us [the commission] to give the public as much information as possible, that the last bond that lost at the polls and its results showed no confidence in the city as the vote was 50/50. He further stated that the big issue is the $40 million price tag and the community deserves a robust discussion.

Scott Maxwell shot him down by calling a Point of Order (his favorite thing to do when one of the minority commissioners has the floor) and when he doesn't like hearing what they have to say. A point of order may be raised if the rules appear to have been broken. Maxwell just didn't want to listen to any thing that might detract from getting this bond passed. No rules were broken. This meeting was for discussion. There was no vote on anything and the bully vice mayor was allowed to raise his ugly head once again. Can we please get a Parliamentarian?

Brent Whitfield, an engineer with ADA Engineering, gave a brief PowerPoint presentation on road repairs and resurfacing. The city passed out back-up (it was still not on-line at 5:30pm according to the assistant city clerk and still fully not on-line as of this moment) of all the roads that will be repaired under this new 30 year General Obligation Bond of $40 million, a bond for which they have never told us the final cost with interest.

As Whitfield did in 2013 on the LW 2020 bond, he emphasized the fact that our city roads are not being maintained and that we needed to increase the maintenance and repair budget. Roads last only about 15 years max. Bornstein piped in that they haven't increased the budget due to budgetary constraints. In 2007, our budget for street maintenance was $1.4 million. Through the years, especially 2013, our budget was lowered to $439k. The 2017 budget is within a half million lower of where we were ten years ago. As the city NEVER maintains anything, what can we expect going forward?

We have no idea how long this project will be in effect but we do know that we will keep paying for 30 years. The following are the projected costs for the road repairs in the various districts:

District 1: $11,729,678
District 2: $ 7,365,269
District 3: $14,930,914
District 4: $ 5,474,139

To see the roads with potholes without the cost breakdown, Click here. This is not what was passed out last night.

Some residents in the chamber were hopeful that they would be allowed to speak and turned in blue cards. It didn't happen. This is how this Trio wants to inform the public--no discussion and no public input. Maxwell made a motion to adjourn the meeting and the vote was 3/2 with McVoy and Maier dissenting. We all left the packed chamber after a 40 minute meeting with our heads shaking.

Streets under Bond Program

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vote for Dorothy Jacks for Property Appraiser

Dorothy Jack's opponent, Shelley Vana, called us "idiots" for having the audacity to stand up for John Prince Park and object to the County approving corporate welfare and bulldozing 100 acres for the Atlanta Braves. If this penny sales tax passes (that will last ten years) at the polls in November, it is believed that the Board of County Commissioners will divert $110 million to build the stadium allowing all those who buy anything in our county to pay for it all. Such a deal--for our environment, our wildlife and all those who own this treasure, the people of Palm Beach County.

Tuesday is the election.  Please vote. There is no other choice and only one candidate who is qualified, Dorothy Jacks.

Louis Farrakhan on Wicked Hillary

Tropical system 99L projectories

Has not formed an eye as yet but anything is possible.

Quote of the Day - Marco Rubio

“There are only two people in the world that are going to be president of the United States in 2017. It will either be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. And It can’t be Hillary Clinton.”

~ Marco Rubio

Zika Virus now in Lake Worth

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Well, why the heck not? We have everything else bad going for us--a heroin epidemic, Sober Homes, criminals. This just puts the icing on the cake. This woman doesn't even know how she got it and she has not traveled. Mosquitoes can travel up to 100 miles from their larval breeding habitat. If you have the following symptoms, get to a hospital immediately: fever, rash, eye redness, joint pain.

Read about it...

Lake Worth Workshop on General Obligation Bond

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What's it going to cost you? What is the plan? Maybe we'll find out. And maybe we won't. Just hope it's not a Nancy Pelosi philosophy: “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it....”

Read the PBPost article indicating that the reporter, Kevin D. Thompson, can't get any information. There is no back-up. Is this transparency?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Harry Poking Trump in Lake Worth

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Harry's Banana Farm, (a bar) 1919 N Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth

CBS Channel 12

Hillary Pandering and Lying

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Lake Worth Commissioners - Quotes on Sober Homes

Some memorable (paraphrased) quotes regarding Sober Homes, addicts and crime in our neighborhood from last night's commission meeting:

Commissioner Christopher McVoy:  There is an urgency. We can't mess around.  We're not responding.  We need to send a message to make a difference.

Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell:  The Federal government is screwing us with sober homes.  Code enforcement at the State level is failing us.  We need more teeth in Statute 162. Maybe it's time to crack a few eggs.

Mayor Pam Triolo:  Sober Homes (the problems they generate) are escalating faster than we ever thought they would. We need help now!

Restoring the voice of the People--Vote Drew Martin County Commission District 3

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Latest Trump/Clinton Florida Poll

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Wrap-Up of Lake Worth's 2016/2017 Budget

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Last night was the wrap-up on the 2016/2017 Budget.  A hearing will be held on September 13 and the 2nd Public Hearing on September 20.  It is on these dates that the public gets to comment. This is cutting it close as the new budget year begins on October 1, 2016.

Essentially, we will be spending more than we make.

With four on the dais being businessmen, only Commissioner Christopher McVoy, a scientist, sounded like one. He doesn't understand why the commission would pass a Beach budget knowing that it will be in the red.  Who does? The answer seems obvious--some want it to fail.  Why would you purposely throw more expenses into the Beach Fund without more revenue to pay for the additional costs?

Commissioner McVoy insisted that the Burton and Associates matrix (a study we paid for but ignored in this instance) be in the record that proved by raising the parking twenty-five cents an hour every three years or ten cents every year, we would stay in the black (if we didn't throw in more expenditures) and that's with the two extra sheriff deputies, one extra full-time lifeguard, keeping four months reserves, keeping the pool opened as it is now and paying back the loan to ourselves at $500,000 a year.

Commissioner Amoroso wants to analyze operations at the pool after six months. Vice Mayor Maxwell still wants to close the pool and by their consensus last night, (voting to add costs without raising revenues) they have intentionally made it difficult to have a profit. If this is how they want to run our beach operations, they need to get the entire beach out of an Enterprise Fund like they did the golf course and allow it all to survive. The Lake Worth beach and pool are our most important assets and what drives tourism to our city.

Regarding our entire operational budget, Non-Controllable Expenses will go up $1,474,000 from the previous year or 66.15% of our general revenues. This includes five new sheriff deputies, two of whom, as mentioned above, will be assigned to the beach (I didn't realize we had so much crime there too),  two other deputies, assignment unknown, and one at the Electric fund. That is a curious one. The total general fund budget now is $32.8 million up from $31.1 million.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sunset 8-23-16

Restrictions on I-95 at 10th Avenue North postponed

Please be advised that the I-95 southbound diversion scheduled at 10th Avenue North for this Wednesday night, Aug. 24 and Thursday night, Aug. 25 (please see below) has been postponed and will not occur as planned.

This activity is weather-dependent and will be rescheduled based on developments with Tropical Storm activity.

New dates will be announced in this Friday’s press release.

10th Avenue North
Restrictions: I-95 southbound diversion: I-95 southbound traffic will be diverted at 10th Avenue North to allow for bridge beam setting over I-95, nightly, 11 p.m. until 5 a.m., Wednesday night, Aug. 24 and Thursday night, Aug. 25. FHP will divert I-95 southbound traffic to the southbound exit ramp at 10th Avenue North. Motorists will then be routed back to I-95 southbound via the southbound I-95 entrance ramp from 10th Avenue North. Advanced Notice: I-95 northbound traffic will be diverted at 10th Avenue North to allow for bridge beam setting over I-95, nightly, 11 p.m. until 5 a.m., Sunday night, Aug. 28 and Monday night, Aug. 29. FHP will divert I-95 northbound traffic to the northbound exit ramp at 10th Avenue North. Motorists will then be routed back to I-95 northbound via the northbound I-95 entrance ramp from 10th Avenue North.

Lawrence Gordon for Palm Beach County Commissioner District 7

Drew Martin for County Commissioner District 3

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