Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tonight at Lake Osborne

Kratom Craze

View Katie LaGrone's investigative report on Kratom on Channel 5 News. She and her team visited Kavasutra in our downtown: At Kava Sutra in Lake Worth, a month ago we purchased a zip-locked bag labeled ‘KBS 15 year old leaf Kapow!’ The day we visited with our test results, not only were the Contact 5 Investigators welcomed inside, but while our camera rolled so did theirs. When we told an employee who would only identify himself as “Knife” about the “no findings” results, he responded, “really?  Well, that’s an interesting response to our kratom.” The employee ultimately questioned our test and results.

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Crash downtown today

Donna Brazile says Michael Brown was murdered

African American, Donna Brazile, is an American author, academic, and political analyst who is Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. Source: Wikipedia. This is another irresponsible Democrat.

In 2008, Brazile said "My momma taught me to play by the rules and respect those rules. My mother taught me, and I'm sure your mother taught you, that when you decide to change the rules, middle of the game, end of the game, that is referred to as cheating."

 The entire Ferguson incident went to the Grand Jury that consisted of 9 whites and 3 blacks. They decided that there was NO PROBABLE CAUSE TO INDICT. So, Ms. Brazile, accept and respect the law and play by the rules and stop inciting and promoting racism.

Wes Blackman just got hit with a Monkey Wrench

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On March 17, 2014, the Florida Elections Commission received a sworn complaint against Citizens Come First PAC (principals were Laurence McNamara, President and Lynn Anderson, Treasurer). After extensive time and investigation of the matter, it was heard by the Commission on October 29, 2014.

During the course of the investigation, the Investigative Team found that the complainant, Charles Wesley Blackman, had one prior case against him that resulted in an automatic fine of $1,500 on November 15, 2011. At one time, Mr. McNamara had one other complaint from a College Park resident, that involved two, fifty dollar donations to a campaign as both being given by him when in fact one was his wife's. He was not fined. This complainant was caught stealing and removing Mark Drautz signs.

In this city, you must cross your t's and dot your I's as there are always people with nothing better to do that will scrutinize everything in order to have a "gotcha" and try and make your life miserable by the most trivial and frivolous of charges. They thrive on it and it keeps their hate alive, a reason for them to live.

The Florida Elections Commission just issued its final order in a letter dated November 21, 2014:

No Probable Cause

and has dismissed Blackman's charge and his accusation towards me and Laurence of falsely reporting or deliberately failing to report information required by Chapter 106.

The Punks ruled Ferguson last night

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Do you ever feel like the bad guys are winning? Although there were 29 reported arrests last night, not nearly enough for the amount of crime in Ferguson. If you weren't black, you were in trouble being anywhere close to the "protests."

The punks were out in full force--looting, breaking windows with baseball bats, throwing rocks and injuring people, guns fired and one man reported hit, using the F word and going so far as to give a peace sign and then setting a police car on fire--25 stores were burned down. This was all pre-planned by criminals, bullies, thugs and punks after the Grand Jury's verdict of no probable cause to indict officer Darren Wilson.

The President gave a speech after the verdict, the very one responsible for much of the insurrection. It was he who sent Eric Holder out there to begin with that fueled the flame. Holder had demanded a sweeping civil rights investigation.  Other elected officials, Obama supporters, openly declared Officer Wilson guilty. Obama urged peaceful protests but there is no justification for this reaction by the mobs--it is not understandable and all this does is evoke more violence.

These criminals, using the excuse of racial prejudice, were "ready for war" and even though Ferguson was prepared, the destruction and violence could not be stopped. Reprehensible miscreants always cry racial prejudice after they commit a crime when a police officer is doing his job. It happened in Ferguson,  Read more... and see the photos.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Moon 11-24-14

7% of Full

Marine Dad fights back

Juno Beach's Resolution on a national league baseball field in PB County

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Just last week, we wrote about Lake Worth's push to still have the County consider John Prince Park as a national league ball field. City Attorney, Glen Torcivia sent out a memo to several cities soliciting their help by voting on resolutions in order to make John Prince Park the site. The Town Clerk of Juno put it on their commission agenda.

Below is their actual Resolution. As previously stated, Juno did not advocate for John Prince Park but just for having a national league ball park in Palm Beach County.

Secretary of Defense, out

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Chuck Hagel, a former Senator, was the first enlisted combat military veteran to become secretary of defense. He served in the Vietnam War and received two Purple Hearts along with Army Commendation Medal; Vietnamese Gallantry Cross; and the Combat Infantryman Badge. He was a Republican reporting to a Democratic president.  His days were numbered.

He had sent a letter to the Whitehouse that said the president needed to articulate a clearer view of the administration's approach to dealing with Syrian President Bashar Assad. The letter is said to have angered White House officials. That, among other views, Chuck Hagel was forced to resign. Click here...

PB County Commission takes a controversial stand on gay marriage

Mariama Changamire Shaw

Over a short time, we have witnessed the erosion of conservative values. One issue is that of Gay marriage. 35 states have legalized it. Children in the school systems are being taught by liberals and if you are opposed to gay marriage then you are homophobic or some other name is hurled at you. We have read about those fighting the Pledge to our Flag and the words "under God."  There is a breaking away from the church with negative propaganda from liberals and kids at Ivy League schools and other colleges who believe they are smarter than God who condemn Israel instead of ISIS. What is the world coming to?

We have seven Palm Beach County Commissioners, two of whom are Republicans, Hal Valeche and Steven Abrams. When you think about that, it is an amazing feat to be elected in a county that is so one-sided with registered Democrats. It is also amazing to me that the Palm Beach County Commission continues to vote with developers against the wishes of its constituents. Republicans have always been blamed for ruining the environment and paving over Florida at the expense of business, big or small.  Perhaps the stereotypes just don't fit here.

Last week, the County took a stand on gay marriage by signing on to a legal brief asking the State of Florida to lift its ban on gay marriage although they opted to only support one case in Tampa where a lesbian couple want a divorce. The case was decided by a state judge in Tampa who dismissed a divorce petition on grounds that she did not have the authority. The couple was married in Massachusetts in 2010. They moved to Florida, but then separated in 2013. The couple filed for divorce in Florida in January 2014.

The problem? Massachusetts recognizes same-sex marriages. Florida does not. As gay marriage is not legal in this State, our Palm Beach County Commission decided to recognize one gay marriage that originated out of state by saying that it was ok for our court to grant this couple a divorce on a marriage not even recognized as legal in our State. The legal brief initiated by Miami, passed on a 6/1 vote with Hal Valeche dissenting.  It was his opinion that the topic should work its way through the courts. However, the other six commissioners, by voting the way they did, indirectly voted to legalize gay marriage.

Shelley Vana's reasoning?  By us taking the lead on social issues, we have righted the wrongs of the past.  "Let's go for it," she said.  She has ignored the vote of 2008 on Amendment 2 where the people of Florida voted down gay marriage by 62.92%. Don't we elect these people to carry out the law and the will of the people and not do whatever they consider "politically correct?"

Saturday Night Live - Obama

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Quote of the Day - ISIS

“I say to America that the Islamic Caliphate has been established. Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq. We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.

~ Abu Mosa, a spokesman for the terror group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS

as told to VICE Media in a video interview posted online Thursday

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunset 11-23-14

Getting ready for X'mas - Wellington Mall

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Flower at Lake Worth Beach