Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Volunteer Painting Event in Lake Worth

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No doubt about it--we have a great volunteer group in Lake Worth that is always helping others.  This is another event next week and Mark Parrilla is hoping for your help.

Mark is the president of the Genesis Neighborhood Association who says, "It is an open invitation to anyone who would like to help. We will also invite the entire commission, our city manager, Commissioner Shelley Vanna, Commissioner Priscilla Taylor and our local media outlets as well. The Chaplain at Signature, Fr. Terence Belcher, has secured a contractor who will be donating his services and coming to the house to take measurements of all the soffit work that needs to be done before we paint. Home Depot is donating the wood.

Come on out on
 April 22 at 9am
921 South B Street

The Lobbyists

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What a bunch of sad sacks we are. We are so desperate for money that we will do just about anything for it-- granny's silver is not sacred--or suggest to bulldoze John Prince Park or sell beach parking decal stickers to non-residents. Take your pick, both stupid.

One desperate move was to hire the Washington lobbyists last night, the firm of Alcalde and Fay out of Alexandria, Virginia for $5,000 a month (a mere pittance in the scheme of things but a lot to us..which fund did they move money from now?) plus expenses for a chance to get a "seat at the table." What it did was get a lobbyist's foot in the door to Lake Worth.  It sort of reminds me of selling all those decal stickers to get a chance to park your car in the "resident" parking lot that is NO LONGER THE RESIDENT PARKING LOT but one for non-residents as well. And no, Commissioner Szerdi, this is not "finally at rest."

Alcalde and Fay describe themselves as a 45 member firm with partners and professionals with a "rich diversity in both background and effective advocacy." Three of the heavy hitters were there last night giving their pitch to our desperation. Our point guys will be Skip Bafilis and Jim Davenport from the firm.

They will be assisting the city with its grant applications and developing strategies to obtain Federal funding and use all their years of rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty Washington elites for some pay-back to little ole Lake Worth. There is no telling what these guys will make off the grant amounts. Now get this--we don't even have a Grant Writer. So, this $60,000 a year plus, plus, plus will probably turn out double when we realize that we need to hire a Grant Writer in order to get off the ground.

And one more thing--all that decal parking permit money that the city will be collecting from non-residents for the chance of finding a space will off-set this lobbyist cost. For the commission, it's a win, win, plus, plus in the "scheme" of things.

Mark Levin - Quote of the Day -- Government Marxist Control

"We Have Anarchy on the Border, But the Feds Say, ‘no, we’re going to Nevada and we’re going to surround this guy’s ranch.”

~ Mark Levin

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boehner's "electile dysfunction"

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John Boehner's opponent produces political campaign ad:

The Chameleon Charlie Crist

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Charlie was "for" it before he was "against" it--now all he can do is stay in a personal attack mode. That's what happens when politicians have nothing else to offer.

Before Charlie switched parties and did an about face on all his "values," Kevin Jackson from The Blacksphere said,
The epitome of a Liberal politician: a self-serving, unprincipled hypocrite with unlimited arrogance and zero character. Ole Charlie is “thinking about it,” where “it” in Charlie-speak means he wants to see which party is trending upwards before he decides on which one he wants to play for. Sounds like Charlie Crist is bi, as in bi-political.

Yes, when it comes to politics, Charlie can go either way.

I think he should announce that he’s a Spanish speaking, gay, black, transgender who feels that he’s trapped in a woman’s body and that he hates the rich in spite of being fabulously wealthy himself. That should cover enough pandering and hypocrisy to make him an official Liberal and likely Democrat.

CSX rail crossing on 6th Avenue South

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It was a three car accident on 6th Avenue South by the CSX tracks.

Yesterday, the crossings were stuck and would not go up for over an hour. People were trying to get to work and buses were delivering kids to schools. We have been experiencing problems with the crossings for some time. If you are ever in this position, Katie McGiveron asked that I post the following: Sgt. Venetucci sent me this number to use to report problems with the CSX track crossings...1-800-232-0144.

Let's sober up

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On the Consent agenda tonight: the registration of Sober houses--

Just what we want and need in our city-- worse than vacation rentals. Why are they coming here?  Because property is cheap. And what is more unbelievable are all the sessions that the Florida Legislature has had to take just to get a semi-sensible bill passed.  I say "semi-sensible" because these houses should not be in residential neighborhoods.  But recovering alcoholics and drug abusers have rights too. Just think, you might end up living next to Lindsay or worse, her father.

Currently the State Legislators are considering House Bill 479 requiring sober house transitional living homes to annually register with the Department of Children and Families. The House Bill also authorizes them to deny, suspend, or revoke the Certificate of Registration of a sober house transitional home.

CS/CS/HB 479 - Substance Abuse Services General Bill by Health & Human Services Committee and Healthy Families Subcommittee and Hager (CO-SPONSORS) Berman; Brodeur; Combee; Edwards; Harrell; Kerner; Lee; Magar; Moskowitz; Murphy; Pafford; Peters; Pigman; Powell; Pritchett; Rooney; Stewart

Substance Abuse Services: Requires DCF to create voluntary certification program for recovery residences & recovery residence administrators; authorizes department to approve credentialing entities to administer programs & requires such entities to establish process for certifying recovery residences & residence administrators; requires background screening of recovery residence employees & volunteers & applicants for certification as administrators; provides for denial, suspension, or revocation of certification; provides criminal penalty for misrepresentation in advertising; requires list of all certified recovery residences & administrators to be published on department's website. Effective Date: July 1, 2014 Last Event: Added to Second Reading Calendar on Monday, April 07, 2014 3:49 PM

And if you are in need of a really good transitional home--

Government Grants and Sustainability

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CSX tracks
It took six years for ROLOH to get a Quiet Zone for
the benefit of its neighborhood's quality of life

Per Tuesday night's agenda backup, the Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) finds that the preliminary quiet zone cost estimate for the work in the County is around $17.9M. The County MPO has dedicated $6.6M in funding; however, there is an $11.3M deficit that must be borne by local municipalities or another agenda.

The MPO is hoping that the other agency can be the US Department of Transportation via its Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) program. The Palm Beach County and Broward County MPO’s are preparing a joint application for TIGER funding to supplement local funds designated by the MPO’s for quiet zone implementation. The application window is very short and requires accelerated work. (Final applications through by April 28, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. EDT (the “Application Deadline”) The MPO has asked affected municipalities to approve a resolution of support for the TIGER funding and sending a letter to the US Department of Transportation supporting the installation of additional safety equipment for quiet zones.

As with previous rounds of TIGER, funds for the FY 2014 TIGER program (“TIGER FY 2014”) are to be awarded on a competitive basis for projects that will have a significant impact on the Nation, a metropolitan area, or a region. Lake Worth has All Aboard Florida on its mind.

All Aboard Florida on the FEC track is supported by planners and cities that subscribe to sustainable development and walkable life styles...Agenda 21. It is all about land grabs. Expected to begin offering service by early 2015, All Aboard Florida would be the first passenger service on the FEC tracks since 1968. William Waters, director of community sustainability for Lake Worth, said the "added mobility could encourage people to move into walkable cities such as Lake Worth...You could live in Lake Worth and work in Fort Lauderdale. You could hop on a train and be at work quickly.”

Last night's Moon

Taken around 10pm way before the Eclipse.

The moon turned blood red in this 3:30 a.m. ET view of the total lunar eclipse on April 15, 2014 as seen by a telescope at the University of Arizona's Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter at Steward Observatory atop Mt. Lemmon, Arizona. Credit: Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunset 4-14-14

This is America the last time I checked

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I just returned home from a Third World experience.  No one working in this store spoke or understood English. Is this America or what?  Checked with a store clerk--NO English....he was muttering something in bunny language.  The gal at the register called someone from in back of the store who sort of understood what I asked and pointed me in the right direction for Easter wrapping paper.  This is what's happening in our country and a big reason why the American citizen wants the illegal immigrant to go home.

One of the requirements of becoming a United States citizen is answered in this FAQ:

Do I need to be able to speak English to become a U.S. citizen?

Yes, you must be able to read, write, and speak simple English.  There are some exceptions for some older and long-time residents, and for some disabled permanent residents.  What about understanding it?

Lake Worth keeps getting spammed

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I know that Obamacare needs all the help it can get but will someone call this number and tell them that they have erected an illegal sign in our city? You see them all over Lake Worth--on trees, sidewalks, utility poles and public rights of way.  They're called "snipe" signs and these people blight our city by advertising everything from tax preparation to garage sales, foreclosures and cheap rentals.

Resident Decal parking permits - Stupidity Rules

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Most Stupid Motion and Vote of the Year made by the Lake Worth City Commission:

Public Hearing Ordinance 2014-10

With only 50 spaces negotiated with the County for residents only, a motion made by Commissioner Szerdi and seconded by Commissioner McVoy to ask staff to amend the ordinance to allow seasonal property owners (not residents) to purchase beach parking decals if they:

1) owned property in Lake Worth;
2) paid Lake Worth Utilities;
3) had a vehicle registration in the same name that corresponded with the same property owner or provided personal identification
4) increase the fee to $40 for residents and $60 for seasonal residents. (a resident in the chamber actually suggested charging $125 for a decal) The vice mayor doesn't think this is high enough. Most take that attitude who seldom go to the beach or are only interested in fleecing the residents and their one benefit they have had for decades.

50 spaces, negotiated for the residents, not property owners, now will be opened up to even more people than the 1,745 who purchased them in the 2013 year and they raised the price to boot! When the unlimited parking was eliminated by the County, it left only 50 spaces for residents. Since 1984, the city was able to accommodate property owners with decals but it all changed with the beach redevelopment.

Not now--not with this commission. Now, there is a less chance of finding a spot particularly on weekends, holidays and during the Winter Season.  Now they say that they can sell 50 spots to a possible 12,000 property owners because they "were upfront with you" and are selling them on a first come, first serve basis. Are they off the hook for an immoral act? They definitely have made a decision based on economic advantage for them, at a huge one-sided disadvantage for the resident. During the Season, you will have to get there at the crack of dawn as Snowbirds come here for the beach!

A resolution amending the City’s Comprehensive Fee Schedule will be scheduled on April 15, 2014, to establish a seasonal resident fee as directed by the City Commission on March 18, 2014. The effective date of the resolution will be 10 days after approval of Ordinance No. 2014-10...just in time for the new decal permit year.

New decals go on sale May 1. Utilities Customer Service-- City Hall Annex-- 414 Lake Avenue. Get down there and get yours--they are unlimited...the entire city of residents AND non-residents can buy one as long as you live here for one year under a rental lease, or own residential property here.

**Although there are 50 spaces, the city's web site says:  The Beach Parking Decal Program was created as a benefit for residents of the City of Lake Worth. There are 42 designated parking spaces at the Lake Worth Beach for decal holders.  Click it on before it is changed.  (and what's scary--they too can make a mistake and they are the ones in charge!) Beach Decals are valid between May 1st through April 30th of the following year - however may be purchased at anytime. On top of everything else that is stupid, the City had been pro-rating them! That has now been deleted from the Ordinance.

Abraham Lincoln remembered

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Ford's Theater and the house where Lincoln died

On this day in 1865, our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, was shot in Ford's theater and later died the next day in the Peterson house.

Crime downtown Lake Worth

BURGLARY - RESIDENCE-- 14061254-- 000 BLOCK S J ST-- Palm Beach County Sheriff-- 4/13/2014 4:39:00 PM

Green Buttonwood recommended for Cultural Plaza

It's been 1.5 years since the Banyan/Ficus was cut down to a stub at the Cultural Plaza because someone on staff didn't like it. Now we hear all sorts of excuses for that inexcusable act--White Fly for one. The recommendation by the Tree Board is to plant a Green Buttonwood in its place.

According to the Tree Board, (The Green Buttonwood (Conocarpus erectus) has several advantages. It grows to be a relatively tall tree (40-66 feet.) With a normal spread of 35-40 feet, this Buttonwood provides abundant shade with its canopy. It has attractive healthy light green, feather-shaped leaves three to four inches long alternately arranged on the stem with an earthy smell and button-like reddish-brown fruit. It is easy to grow, tolerant of poor, dry, sandy soil and is extremely drought tolerant (irrigation not required.) Green Buttonwoods readily withstand salt and wind; they are more hurricane tolerant than most native trees. Green Buttonwoods are also more cold-tolerant and less susceptible to insects than its relative Silver Buttonwood. Green Buttonwood is an excellent specimen tree.

The Tree Board will makes its recommendation tomorrow night during Presentations.

The Racist

Can you name this guy?

In 1984, he ran for Governor of NC as a Democrat, (get that? A Democrat!) garnering 0% of the vote. In 1986, he ran for the US Senate in NC as a Republican, garnering 0% of the votes. Reportedly, when he ran for US Congress in 2006, both parties refused to accept his filing fee check – so he ran as an Independent in a write-in campaign..He tried another write in campaign in 2010 for US Senate, again as an Independent.

He is Frazier Glenn Miller, the founder of the White Patriot’s Party, formerly the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. In 2002, he relocated to Aurora, MO where he went wild publishing racist newsletters.

On Palm Sunday 2014 and the eve of the beginning of Passover,  he opened fire outside the Jewish Community Center and a senior living facility in Overland Park Kansas, killing three people.

Read more of the article at Nice Deb.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Donald Trump Speaks Out

Net Worth: $2.9 Billion
Donald Trump's Annual Salary: $60 Million