Thursday, January 29, 2015

Next Republican Candidates?

There has been so much discussion on who will be running for President in the Republican Party. So many names have been tossed out there for us to consider--Rasmussen has the primary polls as Mitt Romney, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Rand Paul. Other polls show Scott Walker, Paul Ryan (it's his birthday today!), Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum Bob Portman and others.

My Prediction:

Although I am crazy about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and I love Ben Carson, and there are many more Republicans testing the waters, those who I believe will take the step to be our next president, will be:

Jeb Bush...middle of the road and out of step even though he did a good job as Governor of Florida. His advocacy for Common Core and his stand on illegal immigration will hurt him. Those are issues supported by Obama.

Mike Huckabee...Straight shooter and good guy who shines the light on it all. I like his positions on just about everything.

Rand Paul...I like a lot of his ideas especially wanting to cut corporate tax in half to create millions of jobs but I still can't quite figure him out. He is a dove in a violent world.

Mitt Romney...He was right when he said in 2012:  "We have a choice of two paths: Obama or prosperity." He should have been our president.  I think that the Republicans might just nominate him.  Three strikes and finally out?

Let's go with Marco Rubio--young, fresh and right and bright. You can't win the Party nomination by moving to the middle or acting like a Democrat.

What do you all think? When I bet, I usually lose.

Early Morn

New Times Broward rates Lake Worth as Number 2 best city in south Florida

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In actuality, they rate us number 2 "coolest" city in south Florida--
2. Lake Worth
Pro: Lake Worth is perhaps the epicenter of Palm Beach County's arts scene. The quirky city is a magnet for the artists and musicians of Palm Beach County, and thanks to venues like Propaganda, you can hear live music just about every day of the week. Tack on great food and a happening beach and you've got one hell of a city.

Con: Unfortunately, some of the places that made Lake Worth so special have been disappearing lately. Within the past year, the city has lost Coastars Coffee Bar and Bamboo Room, two awesome local businesses that provided a home for artists and locals alike. This trend of local talent evaporating is, to say the least, troubling. Lake Worth also has its own utility company, which makes electric rates high, and crime is a persistent annoyance.

Bottom Line: Lake Worth has that perfect mix of weird that makes a great city.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fatal accident on Dixie Highway Lake Worth

Horrific accident between 16th and 17th Avenues on Dixie Highway.

Read about it... and see the video.

Graffiti in Lake Worth

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So what's new? Graffiti in Lake Worth? This has been on the city dumpster behind Havana Hideout for weeks now.

The Classroom

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This is the replacement video
It appears that the YouTube I wanted to present was just pulled so I have replaced it with another that has a similar story-- teachers are getting assaulted right and left. Perhaps some of you saw the other one described below on Facebook of a 16 year old beating up his 64 year old teacher.

This is the sort of crap teachers have to endure today.  There is no respect anymore, just violence and spoiled  dangerous little brats who are more absorbed in their I-Pad than learning their ABC's.  I hope this 16 year old punk, on his way to becoming a gang-banger, gets arrested for brutality towards his 64 year old teacher.  Knowing society today, the little creep will get off with no time and no community service and his teacher had to be 65 or older for charges of senior abuse.

Street Financing Meeting Lake Worth

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Katie McGiveron
Chair of Citizens Against Unfair Taxation
"The length of the bond will last longer than the roads."

The bond financing meeting was held last night at Compass and the turn-out was fair considering that very few voters among the 15,000 ever turn out for anything. Then again, it was not advertised well and should have been included in the electric bill where it would have reached everyone in the city. The only reporter there was Margaret Menge of the Lake Worth Tribune along with two local bloggers. It has to make me wonder if this too was planned by the city.

Lake Worth finally admitted that they could ask the voters to approve smaller bond increments, something they would not do the first time around as they knew it would be much more difficult asking for the cash for  subsequent bond approvals. They tried to tell us that they can't be specific as to where this money will be allocated.

Ginny Powell said that there are grants that will take care of road repairs and that Lake Worth should apply. Another resident, Michael Fox, suggested a Citizens Review board to give oversight.  Sounds good in theory but it would end up political like everything else. Peter Timm was still sticking to his point of assessing everyone the same within the city. Bill Hoffman asked how the city could equitably apply the debt. Businessman John Rinaldi asked, "What do you really need and how badly do you need it?" Elise Latorre stated that the city should get its house in order--"cleanup your own house first before you ask me for more money."

One of the ideas that was presented by resident Marcas Kelly was to sell off our golf course.  People have been suggesting this for years (developer oriented interests) but thank God that the course is deed restricted. All money in the capital improvement that was allocated for new greens was stopped in 2011. The course was in an Enterprise Fund and there were so many charges against the golf course that there was no way it could climb out of the hole. They love to always say that our golf course is not making money. Back in 2011, Staff took the golf course out of the Enterprise Fund and moved it to a Revenue Fund giving it a chance to survive. This was a great decision made by our former Finance Director, Steve Carr. At one of our commission meetings it was reported by Juan Ruiz that the golf course is just about breaking even.

As resident Tammy Panza said, "We are in agreement--we need to fix the roads."  But I ask, why then did the city reduce the roads maintenance line item by cutting it in half. The Public Works Director recently stated the budget is around $500,000 with $200,00 a year going to roads maintenance and $300,000 to lighting.

So, the conclusion of the night was:
City still wants to grab the cash
The cash grab could be in smaller increments
Everyone wants the city to fix the potholes
People are not willing to turn over any amount of cash to this commission until they have assurances how and where the money will be spent.  There was a half-hearted acceptance of a smaller bond that could/might be approved by the voters.

Quote of the Day - ISIS Barbarians

“Know, oh Obama, that will reach America,” says one of the fighters, clad in black and wearing a balaclava, in a translation from Arabic provided by MEMRI. “Know also that we will cut off your head in the White House, and transform America into a Muslim Province.”
“Know also that we will cut off your head in the White House, and transform America into a Muslim Province.”
- ISIS fighter in new beheading video

Read more... Why do we keep pussy footing around with these killers? Can't we track down this SOB? Will it take 10 years like Bin Laden?

Poll on Water Priority

READER POLL: What should the top priority be for protecting Florida's water resources?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

City Manager Lake Worth Bornstein on WPEC Channel 12 last night

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Click here... talking about potholes and the fact that the bond lost only by 25 votes.  What he failed to mention was that the city had $50,000 of taxpayer money to use on their campaign plus another PAC with $20,000 in its coffers whereas the Citizens Against Unfair Taxation had about $6,000 with only a handful of people walking door to door.  Let's get an even playing field.

"The $60 million dollar bond to fix the roads failed by just 25 votes in the recent election. The city takes that close count as a good sign.

Now, officials are using that virtually split vote as a springboard and asking for help, looking to those who live there to offer ideas on how to pay for improvements."

All the city needs to do is 2 percent better than its last effort.

Former commissioner speaks - Strength in Numbers

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Retha Lowe, former Lake Worth City Commissioner in Lake Worth District 1, announced last night at the Genesis NA meeting that Whispering Palms Neighborhood Association, of which she is a member, will be combined with Genesis NA in order to get planned projects completed for the neighborhood.

Financing Discussion tonight in Lake Worth

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Although the City Commission, four of whom are advocates for taxing the people for 34 years for infrastructure and road repairs (Maxwell, Triolo, Amoroso and Szerdi), said that the public forums would be advertised in newspapers, etc, I haven't seen much about it. There was a blurb in today's Palm Beach Post local news section.  I would expect tonight's attendance will be the same people as we have seen throughout the election of August 2014 where the city was defeated at the polls on the general obligation bond.

The city is determined to grab the much as residents might allow.  They are going to "allow" us to speak to taxing methods--all of us retirees, housewives, construction workers, struggling business owners and laborers and middle class working people struggling to stay afloat...people they must believe to be highly knowledgeable on bond financing that has regulatory complexities with interest being double the principal as the last bond proved to us and the then finance director went missing in the night because of his transparency.

An Open Discussion
on Financing Options to Resolve Lake Worth’s Infrastructure Needs

The City Commission will be holding open discussions for citizens to publicly offer their ideas and ask questions about financing options available regarding infrastructure improvements in Lake Worth. “We are excited to continue the discussion on how to fix the infrastructure in Lake Worth” says Mayor Pam Triolo. “We invite residents to bring their ideas on how to pay for the improvements that are desperately needed in Lake Worth.”

Tuesday, January 27 at 6pm
Compass Community Center
201 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth

Saturday, March 21 at 1pm
Lake Worth City Hall
7 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth

Bring ideas and questions about financing options available in order to improve our roads, water & sewer services, drainage systems, and sidewalks. Or you may send your ideas & questions to

Meeting the Lake Worth candidates

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Last night at the Genesis Neighborhood Association meeting, all the candidates showed up other than Serge Jerome. An hour and twenty minutes into the meeting Mark Parrilla gave an announcement that Mr. Jerome had a family emergency and that he sent his apologies.

In order of appearance:

Ryan Maier, running for Commissioner District 4, was the most prepared. He was one of the first arrivals at St. Andrews Church and I spotted him studying his notes. He gave a great introductory five minute speech saying that the primary responsibility of a commissioner is to act on the will of the people--guidance comes from the will of the people. He wants to see an amendment to the city charter to change the heights in our downtown to what the people voted for and an infrastructure plan that will work for the people. "Public development and public information is our business," he said.

John Szerdi, incumbent in district 4, spoke next and started off by saying that he was 62 years old but had a lot of energy. Moving here from Ft. Lauderdale, he put $100,000 into his house renovating and bringing it back to its potential. He loves Lake Worth. He mentioned his higher education, the fact that he was an environmental architect and was involved in the design of the Eco Centre Building on Lake Avenue.  He taught at Indian River College.

Christopher McVoy, incumbent District 2, told us that he has been elected for two terms. He is concerned about our roads as well as the general obligation bond issue and suggested that the city go back to the drawing board as one-half of the voters did not want it.  He also said that the commission needs to do a better job of listening to the people. He also mentioned the Political Action Committee that he formed years ago to save our beach from further commercialization and the City of Lake Worth sued the PAC and him. Now we have a beautiful beach park.

Craig Frost running for Commissioner District 4 spoke last. Not used to public speaking, he had some difficulty at times getting his thoughts across to the audience. He did tell us that he is a 3rd generation living in Lake Worth. His building where his business is located was built in 1952 and he doesn't want to be taxed out of it, concerned about the general obligation bond, an issue that motivated him to run. Through the years, he has not had any responses from commissioners on various issues and even had to go to the news media to get something done. Helping with his neighborhood association, he wants the neighborhoods cleaned up...mentioned the big problem with crime...not enough deputies working the districts.

Even though Serge Jerome did not attend the meeting, Mark Parrilla, the President of Genesis, gave a glowing report on him.

Bowe Berghdal being charged with desertion?

“The army has come to its conclusion and Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion. Sgt. Bergdahl left his unit in Afghanistan without permission in 2009 and was captured by the Taliban, and held prisoner by the group for five years. Following the much-criticized exchange, the Army conducted an investigation into his actions, which concluded three months ago," said Ret. Lt. Col. Schaffer.

Retired Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer also accused the Obama administration of trying to keep the detail of Sgt. Bergdahl charges hidden.

Read the Washington Times...

The maximum possible punishment if the subject is tried by General Court-Martial, the most serious type of court-martials--

Article 87 - Missing Movement.

If the member of the armed forces missed the movement on purpose:
  • Dishonorable discharge
  • Forfeiture of all pay and allowances
  • Reduction to the lowest enlisted grade
  • Confinement for 2 years.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Car crash on South C Street leaves one dead

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According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s investigation, a 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan was traveling south on South C Street at a high rate of speed around 1:15 a.m. when it collided with a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis attempting to make a left turn at the intersection of 10th Avenue South. After impact, the Volkswagen went airborne and ejected two passengers before crashing into a parked 1997 Toyota Land cruiser.


Lake Worth hires new Finance Director

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The City of Lake worth has a new Finance Director--
Nerahoo Hemraj.

  • Master of Science in accounting with Distinction, Long Island University, June 1983
  • Master of Business Administration, Long Island University, February 1978
  • Bachelor of Science to Accounting/finance, Long Island University, June 1977
  • Associate of Applied Science in accounting/MIS, NYC Community college, January 1975

Mr. Hemraj's last job assignment was with the County of Monterey, California as the Chief Deputy Auditor-Controller/Audit Chief/Deputy Treasurer-Tax Collector.

He begins his job with the City of Lake Worth on February 2, 2015.