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Demolition scheduled in Lake Worth

August 31, 2015

Contact:           William Waters, Director for Community Sustainability


Lake Worth, FL – The City of Lake Worth has scheduled the demolition of a structure that has been deemed unsafe by the building official.  Located at 417 South D Street, the house has unsanitary conditions and there is fire hazard constituted by the lack of water.  Further, the structure is damaged to the extent where it is a hazard to life and safety and is in danger to partial collapse.

The City’s Chronic Nuisance Service Remediation Program allows the demolishing of unsafe structures, boarding and securing vacant abandoned buildings, and clearing vacant, overgrown lots.  With more than 100 properties requiring these services, residents and property owners eagerly look forward to the removal of blight from across the City. 

What:              Unsafe Structure Demolition
Where:            417 South D Street
Date:               Thursday, September 3
Time:               9:30 am

Lake Worth City Manager on top of Brawl in downtown Lake Worth

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The City Manager is on top of the disgusting brawl and immoral behaviour that occurred in our downtown. For those of you who haven't seen the video, Click here.


I saw this several days earlier.  It is a disgusting display of debauchery and what is most appalling is no one is calling the Sheriff.  I would guess the girl was more drunk than on flakka as she is still conversant.  Regardless this kind of public display is unacceptable.  I have already met with Captn Baer about the business and their problems and he is working with his deputies to address the situation going forward.


The Immoral Movement and the Big Lie

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Taking advantage of their First Amendment rights, Black Lives Matter protesters marched at the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday. The protesters were chanting, "Pigs in a blanket. Fry 'em like bacon" advocating for the killing of police officers.

I don't see why advocating killing should be legal. And the problem with this Black LIES Matter movement as Sheriff David Clark calls it, is that they are inciting angry people to violence. Clark blames the entire mess on Obama and Eric Holder saying that it was they who laid the groundwork for “this war on police” by supporting ‘activists’ who have disparaged law enforcement based upon a set of lies.

Are Smart Meters a Dumb Idea?

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Smart meters are probably not a dumb idea for utility companies but they might be for the consumer. We are reading about more and more utility companies installing smart meters. It has been reported that bills are going up since analog meters have been replaced. There have even been health effects and reported safety  violations. No one is talking about the privacy issues. So, the question is, do we really need wireless smart meters?

The mayor didn't want them. Siemens said that well, they're not really that "smart" but they are selling them to us. On Tuesday night, part of the Siemens plan is to sell us Smart Meters. What was the sales pitch for this when we just spent thousands replacing meters throughout the city.

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and customers. Siemens says, the CITY shall continue to be responsible for reading meters until all commissioning and acceptance plan steps are completed for the AMI system.

As one person said and I thought it very enlightening--

“Smart” Meters do not allow for fair commerce or trust.

The “smart” meter internal program and calibration settings can be changed from remote at any time and in milliseconds. No one would ever know.

This is not fair commerce for either party. The power company could easily raise the calibration settings and no one would ever know since they are the only ones who can come and check the meter. Any inspection of the internal program would only be done by them too.

The incentive to do that is hundreds of thousands of dollars per month more for a very small change in the calibration settings of millions of meters.

Also, a “hacker” could easily change the calibration settings to make the meter read less kilowatt hours. The loss to the power company would be offset by other customers through rate increases since power generation needs would not go down.

Mechanical meters are fair to both parties because it can be seen through the glass that there are no tricks going on, and the spinning dial indicator can be used to quickly check the meter readings against a small load.

In a “hacking” or reprogrammed situation, the digital LCD display could be made to show anything the programmer wanted to show, so the normal homeowner couldn’t easily tell what the immediate power usage billed for really is. It may also fool power company employees.

“Smart” Meters are a dumb idea.

ISIS style cleansing of American History

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The statute of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, has been moved from the Main Mall where it has stood for 82 years on the campus of the University of Texas. It will now be housed at the university's Center for American History.  Perhaps there it will not be vandalized by politically correct ideologue progressives or those empowered to stomp on our history as if it never existed.

Jefferson Davis, a graduate of West Point, fought in the Mexican-American War, served as the United States Secretary of War and was a United States Senator from Mississippi. Davis actually was against the south's secession in 1858 but he was a big supporter of States Rights believing that each state was sovereign and had an unquestionable right to secede from the Union. Back then, slavery was a legally recognized system going back as far as the 1700's and has spanned nearly every culture, nationality and religion.

At a reception in 1887 in New Orleans, well after the Confederate War, Davis said, "United you are now, and if the Union is ever to be broken, let the other side break it." The University of Texas has now broken history, relegating his remembrance to an obscure area.

Since Obama was elected, America has been wiping away its history. We have seen political and social "reforms" such as banning the song "Dixie" or removing the Confederate Flag or even changing the names of streets or schools that are named for Confederate heroes. Progressives today want to emphasize the positive rather than the negative and this is prevalent in the schools. It gets sillier--Now Obama is changing the name of Mt. McKinley to Mt. Danali in recognition of the traditions of Alaska Natives. But our history is what made this country the greatest on Earth.

Why should our government change names, move statutes or hide our history in a shoebox? 

Enterprise Funds in Lake Worth and Hudson Holdings

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Former commissioner John Szerdi was in office for two years and eight months. He walked into the position unopposed. Szerdi works for Hudson Holdings, a company that wants to grab our beach. At the Hudson Holding's meeting at our Casino ballroom, Szerdi first said that the beach was an Enterprise Zone.  Later he said that the beach was an enterprise fund. And then again he insisted that it was an Enterprise Zone.  When a resident questioned him about it, he told her she was wrong.

Our casino beach fund is not, according to the city, an enterprise anything. Therefore, the city must rely on funds from our operating budget to pay those expenses when there is a shortfall of revenue to cover the total costs. The only Enterprise Funds that the City of Lake Worth has are the following:

401--Electric Fund
402--Water Fund
403--Local Sewer Fund
405--Regional Sewer
406--Regional Sewer R & R
408--Stormwater Utility Fund
410--Refuse, Collection & Disp
480--Storm Water Utility Fund

Sources: Office of Financial Management;  Municipal Accounts.

Please read my blog of May 27, 2015 on Enterprise and Special Revenue funds.  Is it possible that John Szerdi really didn't know what he was talking about or on several occasions that night intentionally misstated the facts to confuse the residents (something he accused his opponents of doing when he lost his reelection) in his quest to make a point for grabbing our beach complex for his employer, Hudson Holdings?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

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Donald Trump Lets Loose

Lake Worth Beach today

Quote of the Day - Jack Cashill - unholy rise of progressive neo-puritanism

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“The irony is that the left has prided itself historically on being anti-judgmental. I mean, they have introduced that word ‘judgmental’ as though it were bad, and yet they are the most judgmental people on the planet...The neo-Puritan coalition invents new sins all the time.

~ Jack Cashill, Journalist and Author

Cashill said the above in a recent interview on Phyllis Schlafly’s “Eagle Forum Live” radio show.

Read more... of this interesting story about the hypocritical left.

Freedom of Religion

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Attribution: Christian Cross/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

Our rights are protected in the United States. We have a Constitution. The freedom of religion is a protected right provided in the religion clauses of the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

All Lives Matter

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Marching in Birmingham, marchers held up signs saying things like “God Is The Answer,” “Love One Another,” and “All Lives Matter.”

Early Morn

I awakened to rain, thunder, lightning and a cat mewing somewhere. A short while later, there was some light in the sky.

Roll-over on Federal Hwy Lake Worth

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Read about it...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Andy Parker Fears for his safety

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Last night in an interview Andy Parker, father of Alison the slain reporter and who is now heavily advocating for gun control, said that he is “probably going to have to get a gun” because of the culture in the United States.