Saturday, February 28, 2015

Marco Rubio at CPAC

Drug Smuggler from Mexico caught at our border

Image via U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

You give some people an inch and they take that mile--

A Mexican with a valid border crossing card just tried to pull a fast one which amounted to the biggest bust in the history of the Otay Mesa Port of entry and the second-largest in the history of the country-- 1,296 bundles of marijuana. The 15 tons of weed had a value of $18.96 million, Border Patrol agents said.

Read about the criminal crossing our border.

The Gang of Eight and Immigration Reform

What is the Senate immigration reform bill? Click here for bill text

In 2013, a bipartisan Gang of 8 senators introduced the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. This was a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

It passed the Senate 68-32 in June 2013, but was never introduced in the House. (A bill based on the Senate bill was introduced by House Democrats in October 2013 but has not been acted upon, despite Democratic attempts to force a vote.)

The Senate's immigration bill would do the following:
  • Provide a path to citizenship that would take 13 years for most of the unauthorized immigrants currently in the country, and less time for agricultural workers and DREAMers.
  • Increase border enforcement by allocating an additional $46.3 billion in funding for border security, and requiring the government to double the number of Border Patrol agents and fencing along the border.
  • Strengthen interior enforcement by making the E-Verify employment verification system mandatory for all employers, and instituting an entry-exit visa-tracking system to prevent people from overstaying their visas.
  • Expand and streamline legal immigration by clearing up the backlog of immigrants with pending applications; create a new green-card system that merges family-based and work-based immigration into a single pool and assigns immigrants "points" to determine their eligibility;

  •  Create a new renewable work visa for low-skilled workers, with annual quotas that depend on market demand.
Many of these components depend on each other — the bill is set up so that the path to citizenship doesn't kick in until certain security metrics have been met and the backlogs have been cleared. These conditions are known as triggers.
Source: that wants us to share this info.

NAPC Candidate Forum Lake Worth Playhouse

During the election period for the General Obligation Bond, the NAPC (that wants us to believe that they are non-political), informed us that there would be "no more debates." However, it seems that they changed their minds and quickly arranged a candidate forum at the Lake Worth Playhouse scheduled for Monday, March 2.  It will be hosted by the non-political moderator, John Paxman even though he has a candidate sign on display at his office on North Dixie Highway.

Dave Stewart might have eye on Vana's seat?

We keep seeing Lantana mayor, Dave Stewart, in Lake Worth a lot these days. He showed up for the mayor's State of the City cheer at the Casino. I stopped and asked him about the rumor of running for Palm Beach County Commissioner. Recently, the Palm Beach Post asked him whether he will run again [as mayor of Lantana] and he said: he will be running for something...he said he isn’t sure if it would be for Lantana’s mayor however.

He confirmed to me that he is thinking about Shelley Vana's seat but "it's a long way off," he said. Actually, it's up on November 2016, not that far off if you're really serious. Perhaps Mr. Stewart is just fed up with what's going on at the A. G. Holley site and that proposed development or just would like a change after 15 years--sort of like his former city manager.

Quote of the Day - Glenn Beck

"So they’ll say, 'Well, we need something. We need some sort of regulation'. And you morons, you morons on the left, do you realize what you’ve just done? The next president that gets in — you put me into the Oval Office, you want me running your Internet?"

~ Glenn Beck

 Read more... and see the video.  "Three people decided this yesterday and the president will suddenly have the authority to regulate it as he pleases. What do you think that means for conservatives websites if the president is a Democrat? President Obama in charge of your Internet? If that doesn’t cause you nightmares I don’t know what will."

Friday, February 27, 2015

Quote of the Day - Donald Trump

“Our President broke the law when he did what he did [on executive amnesty]. And you’re going to have to take a tremendously strong action or you’re going to have people just flowing into this country worse than it’s ever been.”

~Donald Trump

Said at CPAC today

Freedom illusive in Saudi Arabia?

The Obama Administration and the Kerry State Department have been talking a lot recently about how important it is for moderate Muslim countries to fight back against the radical and barbarous acts carried out by ISIS. It’s presumed that Saudi Arabia represents one of those moderate nations, as they are constantly referred to as one of our closest allies in the region. In fact, President Obama dropped everything and flew to Saudi Arabia last month to pay his respects to the royal family there upon the death of their king–something he did not do to after the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris.

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia condemned a man to death for renouncing his Muslim faith.


Another lawsuit for Lake Worth? This time it involves God

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Mike Olive, pastor
Common Ground Church, Lake Worth

Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the City of Lake Worth demanding it retract its baseless position that all local churches—some in the community for nearly 100 years—now obtain "business licenses" to continue operating, and for its harassment of newly established Common Ground Church.

The City has threatened Common Ground's landlord with daily fines up to $500 and foreclosure if the "violation" is not corrected by the landlord making the church get a "business license" to meet for worship.  Liberty Counsel has demanded that the City drop its plan to have churches obtain business licenses, refund the business license taxes already paid and retract its threat to Common Ground church and its landlord.

City Manager Mike Bornstein said, “A duck is a duck. If someone is holding religious services as a church, it’s a church.” He said the city was forced to take action “to protect the community.”
Protect us from God?

Read more... about Lake Worth's harassment of area churches especially Common Ground Church. The city must respond by the end of today to Liberty Counsel or be subject to a lawsuit.

World Net Daily picked up the story.

See the WPEC channel 12 segment.

Christopher McVoy on Hudson Holding's meeting

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Guest Blogger
Commissioner Christopher McVoy

Good morning Lake Worth Residents:

I want to alert you to some development plans that seem to have been kept from the public eye and are rapidly moving forward.

I attended a meeting yesterday hosted by Hudson Holdings. Only Gulfstream Condominium property owners were invited. The developer announced that a six story hotel will be built on the property next to the Gulfstream, in addition to a parking garage that would provide complimentary private parking spaces to the Gulfstream Condominium owners.

Hudson Holdings also announced that they have submitted plans to the city for a Conference Center on our beach property that would include a Beach Club (that would sell memberships), a retail component, and 20,000 sf of conference space. This development is designed to be located directly south of our new Casino building. It is planned to cover at least one acre of our beach-front property.

I was not formally invited to the HH meeting and this information has not, to my knowledge, been made available to the public.

A meeting of the project Selection Committee was held on Election Day Tuesday Nov 4, 2014. Obviously, this is not a convenient time for even the most active of our residents to attend. Commissioner Amoroso is on the selection committee and I assume he has knowledge of this project, its size, the intensity, and the fast-track approach the developer is purportedly taking.

I personally worked very hard with a dedicated group of residents to keep our beach property 100% public and entirely under the control of our city. I will be demanding more information about this project and I will keep you up to date. I hope you will contact the commissioners with your comments and input.

Christopher McVoy

Editor's Note:  Should anyone make a complaint about this blog for not having a campaign disclosure, I have included it below.

 Political advertisement paid for and approved by Christopher McVoy for Lake Worth City Commissioner

Marco Rubio has time to redeem himself with Conservatives

I still like Marco Rubio.  He has taken unfair hits from the conservative arm of the Republican Party because of his Gang of Eight participation and input. Some people just don't like members of their own party working with the opposition to come up with a workable solution.  I like his immigration policy but some want every single illegal to get the hell out of Dodge.  We know that this is an impossibility.

Today he has a chance to redeem himself, if you will, when he addresses thousands of Republicans at CPAC,  the Conservative Political Action Conference. He should stress his policy, allowing them to understand where he's coming from--

I have printed this twice before--
What Marco Rubio says on amnesty:
How many people get amnesty?
Zero.  No one gets amnesty.  Unless we continue to do nothing, this bill will eliminate today’s status quo de facto amnesty in which we have 11 million undocumented immigrants here and don’t know who they are, what activities they’re engaged in or anything else about them. On day one, no undocumented immigrant is rewarded with anything.  What happens on day one is the clock starts running on meeting the mandatory security triggers – implementing an effective border security plan, mandatory employment verification for all businesses, and full implementation of an exit system.  Once the border security plan is in place, undocumented immigrants will be able to come forward, must submit to and pass background checks, be fingerprinted, pay fines, pay taxes, prove gainful employment, go to the back of the line, and prove they’ve had a physical presence in the U.S. since before 2012, among other measures. They won’t get any federal benefits.  And if they meet all these requirements, they will earn a temporary status that allows them to work. If they don’t they will be deported.

Read more here:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sunset 2-26-15

One step forward; Two steps back

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No this isn't a soft shoe shuffle dance move.  It's a heel to butt kick; it feels like Greater Bay all over again. The City of Lake Worth is complicit, working behind the backs of its citizens to get rid of our beach because they have no one capable to manage it or maintain it, so they say.  Can we get new staff please?  Is this going to be another law suit down the road? The good citizens of this great little city always are taking one step forward but commissions, especially this one, always ensure that the one step results in two steps back.

The pool bottom was filthy on Monday evening

The city is entertaining a plan to give a long-term lease to a company that will, once again, change our beach park forever and possibly shut down our pool and cement it in. Who knows as it was all out of the Sunshine other than for 30 or so people who attended their "by invitation only" meeting. It's time for the Friends of the Lake Worth Pool to revive itself and get active.

Yesterday, Hudson Holdings, the company that John Szerdi is affiliated with and must recuse himself on any decision affecting the city by them, had a meeting at the Glasshouse in the Bryant Park neighborhood adjacent to their Gulfstream Hotel. They told the invitees (all property owners of the Gulfstream Condo Association), their plans going forward:  a parking garage and a 65 foot addition to the hotel and them possibly getting their own private parking space and membership to the new Beach Club they will be building at the beach depending on the city's decision.  They are not the least bit worried about the referendum the people won at the polls to keep it at 45 feet.

They also talked about our casino/pool property and from the sounds of it, Lake Worth is about ready to negotiate a long-term lease with them.  Fifteen people attended the Negotiation Committee meeting on November 4, 2014. We, as citizens, have not yet been told about this out of the Sunshine negotiation. As I previously reported, our city attorney, Christy Goddeau is not allowing any information out on this to the public to how many entities replied to the ITN or what's going on.  But Hudson Holdings is an exception? Now you have to wonder if it has anything to do with their strong connection to John Szerdi.  Hudson can invite all owners in that condo but no one else can know anything?

The City issued the ITN in September 2014 and received the initial replies.  Attached are the minutes for the public meeting held on 11.4.2014 to discuss the next steps in the process pursuant to the ITN. Since that time, the Negotiations Team has been having meetings and reviewing the replies.  The meetings and replies are exempt from the Public Records laws and the Sunshine Law at this time (see section 286.0113(2)(b) and 119.071(1)(b)(2), Florida Statutes).

Didn't we just spend $13 million at our beach? Even though our beach and casino had a major overhaul, the city wants to incur another public/private partnership it seems.  Getting rid of the responsibility is easier than doing the job yourself. Where have we heard that before?  I guess it enjoys lawsuits.

The city is seeking the following:
Casino Beach Complex Expansion

Notes from an Atendee at the Hudson Holdings meeting regarding our beach:
Participating in ITN
per Steve Michael of Hudson Holdings:
“[Hudson Holdings is ] participating in the ITN [Invitation to Negotiate – regarding development and management at the Lake Worth Beach]”
“Pertains to the land to the south of the casino”
“A 1 acre parcel of land”
“Our plan is to build a beautiful Beach Club and Conference Center”
“Membership [would be available to 15 S Golfview Residents]”
“A great amenity [for residents of 15 S Golfview, and others?]”
“We try to bring value to the community”
 “[It (the property next to the Gulfstream) will be] a parking garage integrated into a very high end hotel”
“Beachfront acre and a half [parcel]"
"It would be a long-term ground lease"
"We would put close to $30M into the beach"
"20,000 sq. ft. of conference space"
"The ITN is directing the second hotel" [at the Gulfstream]
"We've been working on this for 6 months"
"We're trying to do it as fast as possible"

Hudson says they will build 20,000 sq. ft. of conference space.  This drawing is to show you how big that would be.

Take off those rose colored glasses, Mayor

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Other-- 02/24/15 03:30 PM-- 900 BLOCK OF 3RD

Other-- 02/24/15 01:30 PM-- 300 BLOCK OF DIXIE

Other-- 02/24/15 12:59 PM-- 100 BLOCK OF G

Other-- 02/24/15 06:36 PM-- 800 BLOCK OF K

Theft-- 02/24/15 02:59 PM-- 600 BLOCK OF DIXIE

Other-- 02/24/15 10:54 AM-- 600 BLOCK OF B

Theft-- 02/24/15 07:00 PM-- 1400 BLOCK OF K

Vandalism-- 02/24/15 05:36 PM-- 900 BLOCK OF B

Theft-- 02/24/15 10:46 AM-- 1200 BLOCK OF 18TH

Theft-- 02/24/15 07:10 PM-- 00 BLOCK OF 18TH

Theft 02/24/15 10:26 AM 1800 BLOCK OF DIXIE

"Other" ranges from suspicious incidents, trespassing, beverage violations, stolen tag

At the State of the City Address the mayor gave the biggest rah rah speech of her political career and of course, it was right before the election. She even went so far as to tell us that crime was down and everyone wildly cheered. I had to wonder what vacuum they came from. Down from what? Can any politician EVER tell the truth? She wonders why they are not trusted. Why do they want to paint this rosy picture. All you have to do is read the crime reports.  Ride down one of our streets and you can see that things are not too sweet. We have so much crime that we can't even see straight. Read the horrible stats.

We are ranked number 35 in 2015 as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. 35! We used to be number 42! We are getting closer to number 1 every year. We are worse than Miami. As the report illustrates, the highest crime rates are found in areas of high population density, lower income and – often - lower real estate values than neighboring communities (and we have all three in Lake Worth). This commission continues to approve of more affordable housing, attracting more and more poor folks, more density, more problems and the cycle continues.

Lake Worth lawyer

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Christy Goddeau, Esq.

I'm not sure when this happened, as Glen Torcivia has already told me that he doesn't normally respond to citizens so therefore I haven't bothered to ask him but...

The name of his firm used to be The Law Office of Glen J. Torcivia & Associates, P.A.


It appears that Christy Goddeau got a partnership. And why not?  She is smart, beautiful and has done a superb job for Lake Worth and this present commission.  Perhaps the partnership was due to all her dedication and hard work in the supposed over-throw of the Heights Amendment that was won by nearly 57% of the voters, a vote this commission refuses to acknowledge and ignores to this day.

Remember this when you go to the polls on March 10 that John Szerdi was against a low-rise downtown, against the people who won the vote. He still is. And he still wants his way.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ISIS has mentality of NAZIS

Christians are driven from their homes in the Middle East by the hundreds of thousands, slaughtered by the tens of thousands, and our president does nothing! He is the reincarnation of Pontius Pilate washing his hands, but this blood is not coming off.”